DSC_0955 (443x640)
photo by G Bryden

vanishing spell (viper evanesco)

cold blooded reptile

slithering quick

from dark to light

conjurer slick

rustling apparition

between grass and leaf

uncoiling with speed

security thief

viper evanesco

earth, wind, water, fire

elemental invocation

night to day

and day to night

see dark scaled incarnation

I call thee now

attend to me

vanishing snake

so mote it be!



Note: A repost spell to remove this snake that appeared yesterday 😉

We were doing a big spring clean on the weekend and this snake must have been disturbed by all the noise. Probably been there for months but we just didn’t see it. Pretty sure it’s a Coastal Carpet Python and it looks like it has eaten a big meal recently. We found it right near Edgar Allen Poe’s (the Chinese Silkie rooster) coop – eek!

Edgar is still alive 🙂

If you own birds you often get snakes. The snakes eat the rodents that eat the seed that the chickens eat (or something like that) 😡

Time to make the coops even more secure.