20 thoughts on “You looking at me!

    1. Goats are the best Rick – I had no idea till I got some 😉 thanks and look forward to seeing if you do any goat ku – hahaha – borrow a photo if you need to – aloha 🙂

      1. i have a sprinkling through time of goat memories from growing up to recent. in drawings and watercolor and photographs too. they come into my work every so often. they are a fun creature.

        1. they have lovely eyes 🙂 sort of cheeky looking and they are so curious and always getting into trouble, which I find refreshing – maybe I will try to draw one (just for fun) – I may be becoming a wee bit goat obsessed

          1. bwahahahaha. yeah. goat obsessed. i can understand that. i used to see a herd across the street where i lived in the Dominican Republic. they were always into mischief. the (goat) kids, on walking home with the goat herder, often as not would hop up on a fence railing and walk along the top rail. just like any (human) kid i suspect. for the fun of it. once in a while one would turn around on the rail and head butt the one following. sheesh. no wonder we use the term kid for both goats and little human beings. yeah, those eyes are awesome. cool on drawing one. Judi Betts (a watercolorist) has a book called Watercolor: Let’s Think About It, in which she shows a number of goat works. i like that book. it’s easy to find on google.

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