9 thoughts on “fire haiku

    1. There was some arson, but the biggest fire, wait for it 😉 was actually caused by an explosion in an army range – they were destroying obsolete weapons – an accident that should have been prevented and now they are investigating it. A number of fires were also caused by lightning strikes. It is cloudy today so I am hoping for rain – our area has a total fire ban on for the next few weeks, and maybe longer if it doesn’t rain. Thanks Charles.

    1. true colonialist – I can’t believe the amount of arson that goes on – they found out that one of the biggest fires was accidently caused by the army (who should have known better) and a lot by lightning strikes in dry storms.

  1. At this time there is no alternative to backburning to stop wildfires. However, backburning is not ‘natural’ as it creates two fire fronts that converge, trapping wildlife in between with nowhere to go. BBQ indeed!

    1. I’d rather ‘controlled’ back burning any day over uncontrolled wild fires that destroy much larger areas – the rough terrain of the blue mountains must be the worst place for fires – really feel for the pilot who died yesterday while trying to fight the fires from above with water bombing – so sad!

  2. There’s always an opportunist – good haiku. It was a clear day here yesterday, and we could see all the way to the mountains, where Avery large fire was burning with the smoke being blown all along the range. Can you believe that about the ADF?

    1. I was surprised about the ADF (and apparently it’s not that uncommon) – I thought they’d be on top of stuff like that – not that I know anything about exploding expired ordinances (or even if that is how you spell ordinances 😉 ). I have so happy that the firies got on top of most of those fires without loss of life (except the pilot) – fantastic job all round.

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