Note: A repost (image is from Google searches).

If you live in Australia you will know that there is an emergency situation in regards to bushfires in New South Wales.

There are over 60 active fires, particularly in the Blue Mountains near Sydney. The weather conditions are likely to deteriorate tomorrow with increased winds and temperatures and there is a fear that some fires will join together into a mega fire with a huge perimeter.

There are thousands of fire-fighters working on the ground and more are arriving from around Australia as we speak.

It is October and spring in Australia. But February is our hottest month and usually our peak bushfire period.

There are some active fires in the national parks about 40 kilometres from where I live. A piggery was destroyed yesterday in these fires and livestock killed and buildings destroyed. The Bruce Highway and local roads were closed for several hours because of these fires.

The risk will increase unless we get significant rain. The recent floods in this area (January 2013) have caused huge increases in flammable undergrowth. The grass in the fields around here is as dry as bedding hay.

Please let it rain!

And thank you all the firies for the great work you do – true heroes 😀

8 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Great poem Gabrielle.

    It is frightening isn’t it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for rain for you and everyone in affected areas.

    I’m from NZ and until last year had not heard of bushfires there – but as of last summer, they have appeared there over the ditch too, and have already started up again there this year. I believe the climate really is changing before our eyes and we, and the government, need to act. I’ve written a poem about this on my blog.

    Anyway, keep safe – you and all your furry and feathered friends! It sounds like you live in my idea of paradise (well, once a bit more rain is added!)

    1. Hi Jo 🙂 It sure is frightening – must be so scary for those living in the blue mountains – fires just love that type of rough, hilly terrain and there is nothing much the firies can do for most of the time, except water bomb from above and back burn below – can’t really put them out, just have to try and control the direction. I have no doubt at all that climate change is having a real impact on the severity and timing of fires and the experts are all saying the same thing – it’s just vested interests and pollies who are influenced by vested interests who are denying the issue and/or putting their heads in the sand – the public is slowly changing opinion and I think this year and next year will be a turning point (though the window of opportunity is quickly shutting) – I love your poem (will pop over with a comment).

    1. There was a bit of rain today in the Blue Mountains colonialist but not enough (better than none though) – these type of fires can’t really be put out unless it rains – they tend to just keep burning for weeks and weeks and the firies only have a limited impact on them – this will go on all summer no doubt!

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