GB1 (800x348)

I see the light


MB1 (800x530)

Gorgeous ducky 🙂 Wonder if Mummy will miss you?


DSC_0587 (800x705)

how’s that for perfection in a yellow powder puff

DSC_0631 (800x797)

then there were more – yikes!

duckyapocalypse of 2013

DSC_0636 (800x515)

and that was just the beginning (two clutches from the other two muscovy girls to come)

fun, fun, fun

Who wants a ducky?

Seriously 🙂


ps. the third photo is by Michael 🙂 He’s been using my camera and I’m getting very confused about what is what.

24 thoughts on “The 2013 Duckyapocalypse

  1. So many little fluff balls of yellow. Congratulations on your ducktopia. It is like the duck equivalent of the yellow pandas tree when it bursts into flower ( which is a favourite ).

  2. Oh I wish I could take a few, but I don’t have a duck house. And I’m sure they’d need protection from predators like foxes and snakes. I love Muscovy ducks. Neighbours had two huge ones and when they moved were looking for a home for them. I didn’t find out till later. We have wild duck on our dam, but they aren’t very companionable.

    1. Hi chartreuse – our Muscovies all sleep in the open and free range – we started with them in a duck house and fenced off area but most people let them out after about 6 weeks old and they come back to the same area every night if you give them a handful of feed. The ducklings were hatched ‘free-range’ in a wooded area near our house, but yesterday I grabbed them all and put them back in the duck house for protection while they are still ‘yellow’. I am worried about foxes, but soon we are going to have dog fencing all around the property to keep out most wild dogs and foxes. Foxes can dig under the fences, but we also have our two labradoodles and if foxes smell a dog they tend to keep away (in theory).

  3. Yikes, indeed – soon your property will look like Christmas Island during red crab season 🙂 So cute, Gabe! Love all the photos, but especially the yellow powder puff. Have you got a place for them to swim? Or are you brushing up on your duck l’orange recipes, haha?

    1. hahaha you are my second duck l’orange joke this week 😉 we have a dam (but they are generally too lazy to walk too) – I also fill up tubs of water for them – Muscovys don’t swim as much as some ducks, but need access to some water to clean their beaks when eating and to clean their feathers etc., Any more eggs that are laid are getting cooked – that’s for sure – apparently they are delicious and the latest trendy thing for chefs to be using for pastry and baking. We’ll also be giving away some of these ducks.

  4. Oh my … so many gorgeous ducklings. Sometimes I forget just how gloriously yellow and fluffy they can be. I would love to take a handful from you, but I think the existing menagerie may not be too happy with me if I did that.

    1. the roosters and dogs are the only things that make noise Benedicte – the ducks are almost silent and the alpacas only ‘hum’ when stressed, and they aren’t stressed so are also silent most of the time. The goats bleat occasionally – when they see me in the distance and are expecting some food 😉 They are very soft and light – I was picking up 4 at a time when I was moving them to the safety of the duck house – absolutely gorgeous.

    1. I don’t mind at all – I haven’t eaten any yet (though I collected a few dozen for other people to eat) but that’s because I’ve never eaten duck eggs before and my Mum used to say they are a bit tough – but apparently they are the latest thing in the chef world and are very good in baking and pastries (extra rich and mostly free ranged) – I’ll be collecting all future eggs and giving them away (or eating them if I can get used to the idea 😉 )

      1. Well I have eaten quite a few duck eggs and loved every one of them–poached, fried, boiled, baked, etc. Take note: They have more nutrition than chicken eggs and are overall better healthwise. IF I lived near you, I’d certainly enjoy your supply. I was unaware that that they’d become an item. LOL. That ought to be a good thing I think. LOL.

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