Waiting for the aliens

Waiting for the aliens

alpacas by MB (800x530)
Photo by Michael Bryden

Waiting for the Aliens

A volcano burped lava in

media commentators hoped the
ash plume would cool the earth,

and block her tear ducts,
some planes were stopped for a while,

a blip on their radar,
carbon emissions dipped an incy bit

it was perceived as a major hiccup for passengers,
the effect was stunning

in its mediocrity,
we await the arrival of aliens

to undertake the hard work,
what a joke!


note: this is an edited repost but more relevant than ever, given the new Government doesn’t give a toss for the environment and will try to axe the carbon tax and introduce a ridiculous direct action program that makes no sense if you look at the detail (and it makes no sense because Abbottabad has no intention of implementing it and is already talking about reducing the target for emissions downwards – he is just a skeptic in disguise). They also want to cut back on so called ‘green tape’ and roll back hard won environmental protections for the sake of ‘progress’.

Just remember phony Tony, you can’t breathe money or eat coal seam gas, so chew on that for a while!

16 thoughts on “Waiting for the aliens

  1. A lot of people believe in aliens of some sort or other apparently, and put a lot of faith in their ability to fix things! Unfortunately that belief is hard wired into the human mind. Lovely pic.
    How does your garden grow, Mary Mary, quite contrary?

  2. what a fantasticly atmospheric photo, that one is so precise in it’s scope and use of light/shadow and depth of field. it’s a professional photo, not just a snapshot.
    i just don’t get what’s up with all the push to poison the land/water/people on earth lately. we have the same sh** happening here, but with the electric company scheduled to use toxic chemicals to mash down underbrush/foliage around power lines instead of mowing it like they always did. scheduled to start in 10 days. everybody with their feet on the ground trying to do anything to stop itβ€”picketing, protests, mass mailings, irate newspaper letters, let’s see if it changes anything, i hope so, we only have one aquifer in this whole cape. we’re screwed if the water gets poisoned. we’re blasting all the local and state politicians, they are quickly promising to move on it but we’ll see. we might have to go chain ourselves to the power towers haha

    1. thank you for your lovely comment tipota (Michael will be wrapped πŸ™‚ ). Good luck with the protests – the council around here regularly uses very toxic stuff to poison the weeds along the roads – stuffing up the environment in untold ways; and the big companies are drilling for coal seam gas everywhere, which impacts on the ground water – unbelievably short sighted and greedy.

    1. thanks heaps Kate πŸ™‚ I will let him know (though he can read the comments himself now, and does sometimes). The caption is mine, this time – he didn’t have time to come up with one before I snaffled his photo for my blog post – hahaha

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