DSC_0361 (800x530)

rusty barbed wire

grates against old wooden posts

tension down the line


Dear bloggy friends,

I’m afraid I must inform you that you need to prepare NOW for the zombie apocalypse, as tomorrow is the day. Please stock up on toilet paper, blindfolds and ear muffs. Whatever you do – do NOT watch the election coverage on television. To do so could have irreparable consequences for brain circuitry. You must also have access to supplies of fresh water, canned food and insect repellent. Televisions will be off limits from Sunday for at least the next 3 years, so internet contact will be the only acceptable form of media communication.

this message is provided by yours sincerely


13 thoughts on “The Old Parties

  1. With Abbott about to become Australia’s face and voice on the international stage, I feel totally embarrassed to be an Australian.

    His performance and presentation will be what all other nations judge us on for the next 3 years, and I’d bet, even the rusted-on believers will become uneasy, shuffle their feet and lower their heads to their chest.

    Regardless of who anyone votes for, there’s a damn good chance we’ll end up with a bunch of politicians in charge and, looking at the available talent, this is a major problem for Australia.

    Australians have 3 year now to find good honest decent people with leadership qualities, and encourage them to run for parliament. If enough good ones get involved they will swamp the entrenched crud which currently controls both major partys.

    Maybe we need a coalition of independents, dunno !!




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