Paradise pre Federal Election (photos)

Paradise pre Federal Election (photos)

no5 (800x519)

The race is on Australia

no1 (800x485)

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – so there!

no4 (800x513)

But the spring strawberries are ripening just fine 🙂

no2 (800x507)

The cumquat, lavender, bayleaf and rosemary patch is coming along sweet

no3 (800x528)

cumquat may

life goes on

DSC_0230 (800x530)

Buttons the calf will chew on the issues and ponderate the cruel nature inherent in life itself

DSC_0308 (800x530)

The alpacas are more concerned about the state of their hair on a windy day

DSC_0246 (800x718)

Merlin is getting very nervous with the approaching weekend.

Saturday is the annual shear for our alpacas, so get ready to say goodbye to the long locks (oh, and it’s the election #eek)

imagesphoto from googles images


14 thoughts on “Paradise pre Federal Election (photos)

    1. hahaha I hear you Charles but no need to worry – I am not personally doing the shearing – they are off to Ivory Park where many alpacas are getting done on the same day 😉 by a professional shearer.

  1. Well said Gabrielle love the pics. Yes all our Alpacas are going to feel naked and cold this weekend. We have 4 coats for ours and 5 getting shorn. What a decision who will miss out.

  2. These pictures put a smile on my face Gabe… and I need to smile in the face of what will most likely take place this Saturday…

    1. Thanks Ben 🙂 We do have a great climate for growing fruit here – the area is a food bowl and there are groves everywhere – mainly avacado, macadamia (a nut), sugar cane and just about everything else. These cumquats might look bigger in the photos than they really are (about the size of a small plum) but they are bigger than I am used to (they are sour as well).

  3. Rudd and Abbott will be seen by historians as destructive spoilers. But if we look at their respective policies, all we can hope for is a miracle where Labor wins but Rudd loses his seat! Now wouldn’t that be something!!

    1. That would be pretty good Stafford but I can’t imagine it happening – I think Labor is going to lose in a landslide and goodness know how history will look on Abbott (can just imagine what he is going to do in the next few years but he could end up making Margaret Thatcher look like a saint 😦 )

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