sounds like fun

splashing in the bird bath

water tinkling


If you want to know more about haiku and related forms I highly recommend you pop over to Australian poet Ashley Cape’s blog where he has done a terrific short series of ‘lectures’ on the subject which I found very inspiring.

Ashley covers:


Form and Structure (syllables, kireji and kigo, related forms)

Compositional Techniques (1 & 2)

I found them so inspiring that on the night of reading his posts I had a very vivid dream where I wrote a haiku using the sense switching technique (compositional technique no. 2) and I was worried that I would forget the haiku so I wrote it down (in my dream). On waking I had (typical 😉 ) forgotten the haiku.

I had another dream a few days later where I wrote down 3 haiku and yes, I forgot those as well.

I do have a technique where I can re-enter my dreams if I wish (you can too if you want to) but I would rather let my subconscious do it’s own thing and not interfere too much – it all works out in the end.

tallyhoo 🙂

13 thoughts on “haiku

    1. thankyou 🙂 I was so happy to see the bird in the birdbath – for some reason it’s not seen much use 😉 – probably too many bodies of water around here. Thanks for stopping by – always good to see a new face (even an invisible one).

      1. Hi Gabrielle. Yes, back from Italy. Had a fabulous time – Rome, Florence and Venice. But am suffering from jet lag. I will be posting some pics on my blog soon. Feel free to add a haiku wherever you like.

  1. Oh…I have a technique for recalling my poetry before dawn…it’s called wake everybody else up as I turn on the light to write it down…notepad and pen by my bed…bruises on my head provided by irritated spouse. 🙂

  2. Nice photo, maybe the birds do not like the red of your birdbath, it is very unusual. To see if my theory is good you could put a lining in the bottom, blue or white 😉
    I like the way you say it all works out in the end, very true. I do paint a lot in my dreams, and just recall the pleasure of it ( it is always huge canvases, I never do huge in real life)

    1. Very interesting about your dream Ben 🙂 You might be right about the birdbath – though it is being used much more these days – I think it has probably got more to do with having a forest across the road and most of the birds hang out there, where there is lots of food and water – when we first moved to this house there was a surprising absence of many birds, but since we have been leaving water out for the ducks (and food for the ducks and chickens) the number of birds has been increasing.

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