Spring in Australia (A Tree to Remember)

Spring in Australia (A Tree to Remember)

mum's norfolk island pine (800x530)

A Tree to Remember

1st of September,
Spring in Australia
thinks it’s summer.

Birthday tree,
sapling Norfolk Island Pine
begins the journey

to remember
my late mother,
treasure in my eyes.

Rain, wind, salt and heat
pray on hard scaly leaves,
majesty in growth.


Dear bloggy friends,

Yesterday was the first day of spring (and my late mother’s birthday) here in the sub-tropics of Australia, and we finally got around to planting a conifer for her. This is a sapling Norfolk Island Pine – a tree that gets huge if the conditions are right.

I hope it grows tall and strong and lives to a ripe old age.

Happy birthday Mum.

It was also father’s day yesterday – so happy father’s day to all the Dad’s out there (including my Dad and my husband Andy the Great, my brother’s Daniel and Peter, and Andy’s Dad Des and brother Nigel).

Yours cheerily

A scaly leafed specimen XXXX (registered trademark 😉 )


21 thoughts on “Spring in Australia (A Tree to Remember)

  1. The Norfolk Island Pine is a local favorite of mine. They are something delightful to crane the neck up into from underneath beside the beach as the lorikeets battle and squawk for their perches over the sound of the surf. They drop such wonderfully fractal-like foliage too – one can’t help feeling that even if they die too young they’ll always have known where they came from.

  2. I love your idea in response to Graham’s comment – may we all plant trees for each other when we die – and then the breath of life continues in the oxygen exhaled.

    That is such a beautiful thing. I am going to think of something to plant for my late mum, dad and sister. Tears are now spilling on to my keyboard.

  3. A wonderful living momento for your Mum. We. too planted a tree for our child we lost early in pregnancy many years ago – a beautiful living reminder for our loved ones.

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