23 thoughts on “the old man and the parakeet

    1. thanks bb – this poem just popped out of my head from my subconscious – indicating I think that my brain needs a good house clean – it’s getting a bit cluttered and confused in there 😉

      1. Gabe, my son, who was a wise young man, would constantly remind me that I could never know what an author or lyricist was feeling. All I could know with certainty was what the words evoked in me. This poem, and the varied responses, is for me, a reminder of his insight and wisdom.
        I love that your children laughed, because although I wept when I first read the poem, I also see a Dr Suess like imagery in it. 🙂

        1. Your son was on the right track – everyone inserts a layer of meaning onto a poem or song – sometimes I’m not really sure myself and the meaning mutates over time – your initial response is probably the one I was after and you are probably tapping into the essence of the thing (just don’t tell anyone 😉 ) I like the Dr Seuss thing – thanks for that.

  1. Take the happy pills before the election Gabe. Too much sadness can make you ill!
    I just loved the juxtaposition of the usual meanings with ‘full door and open bowl’, then ‘deaf house and mouldy parakeet’… good poetry!
    PS. Why is the font you now use so small on my screen?

    1. thanks Staffo – the pills aren’t working – hahaha – I need some summer heat and complete lack of responsibility. I read this poem to my kids and they laughed their heads off – which I thought was pretty neat (tears and laughter from the same poem – who knew). I don’t know what is going on with the font but I’m pretty sure it’s your fault – hahaha – I haven’t changed anything as far as I can tell (unless you mean the whole theme thing – which I did ages ago) – I will have a look at my blog from a different computer to see what you mean – you can always change the size on your screen (I do that as I am blind as a bat and getting worse by the day).

    1. I’m afraid so – I have a free floating feeling of dread this week (and I know I’m not alone) Nigel – I’m preparing to go for my 3 year media free stint – I am just going to read books and online stuff – I’m going to look on the bright side – I’ll catch up on my to read list 🙂

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