Wake up Australia

Wake up Australia

raspberry and meWhere’s my bottle Mummy?

I won’t blame the mini goats this time 😉

Bottle feeding has finished – hallelujah – a fantastic experience but not one I want to do again in a hurry.

The best thing about bottle feeding is that the bubba goats get very attached to their ‘mummy’ and bowl you over everytime they see you.

No, this time I’m blaming asthma.

Isn’t oxygen just the best thing in all the world 🙂 breathe it in my friends.

If you say no, than you most probably have never suffered from asthma.

This week the children and I have all had asthma to varying degrees with the boy suffering the most and almost going to hospital with an asthma attack on Saturday. Very scary stuff.

He’s finally got some medication (on top of his preventer and puffer) that is working really well and the coughing/wheezing has almost stopped.

One day we might even get them back to school.

We’re about to do a rain dance so that the local allergens get washed away to the back of Bourke and we can breathe freely again.

Yours truly

wheezy and co.


12 thoughts on “Wake up Australia

  1. Since I have had and have to guard against asthma attacks…I can readily accept this as a reason for not posting…blessed is my inhaler for it protects me and is always with me…okay so that may be ‘a little over the top’ as they say…but you know what I mean.

    1. The hay and chaff is not too bad for me – they only get a small amount every day, as they mainly eat the grass in the fields – it’s mainly pollen that I have a reaction too. My animals are my antidote for the bad things – they make me very happy 🙂

  2. The changing seasons are a b$&@#% – asthma, hayfever, etc. Hope you have all recovered. Apparently rye grass is one of the very worst triggers, so if you have any, get the goats to eat it 🙂

  3. Hope you are all breathing deeply & the wheezing & puffing behind you. Asthma & respiratory probs have been rampant in Brisbane the last week. Nothing better than a lungful of air without the irritating spasm. Take care.x

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