Mooku for Michael


mother cow

chewing the hay with her calf

contemplates life


ps. the boy went off on his 7 day bus trip to Canberra on the weekend – we all miss him very much but it will be something he remembers for the rest of his life (in a good way, we hope) – love you heaps Michael xxxx and the cows are moooing for you too ;)

27 thoughts on “Mooku for Michael

  1. Jane Leonforte says:

    That old saying “You just don’t know what you got till its gone”. Did Tessa realise she would miss her brother? My boy leaves next week for 4 – 6 months & he will be missed soooo much. But very happy for him & the adventures ahead.

      • Jane Leonforte says:

        He is doing a semester exchange in Canada. I cannot imagine him not being here. I hope Tessa is making the most of “her” time sans Michael. Funny how siblings will whinge about each other, but would not have them any other way or away.

        • wow, that’s amazing – you’ll have to skype each other. It is funny how that carry on – she often complains about his behaviour and then a couple of days before he left she was being super nice to him and hoping he wouldn’t go.

    • thanks Carolyn :) we were very impressed with Michael’s courage on leaving – he was in two minds about the whole thing and finding it very difficult to make a decision but he decided the pros outweighed the cons (we made lists ;) ) and went for it!

  2. “Mooku” – fantastic, haha – love this wonderful mooku ( but please tell me you’re not a cow in disguise 8-O)
    I hope M is home safe and sound now, with happy memories of his trip, Gabe

  3. Seven day trip. That’s amazing. Quite a transformative occasion for both him and mum and dad, I’m sure it was. And what fabulous things he saw. I am astonished. How can I get enrolled in his school?!

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