A calf was born a couple of weeks ago in our back paddock. Our neighbour asked us if he could keep some cattle on our property for a while to separate them from the rest of his herd.

He also asked the kids to name the calf.

Tessa came up with Buttons for the calf and Rose for the mother 🙂

I love those names.

I wanted to call them both ‘the calf/cow that cannot be named’ so that we won’t get too attached to them (for obvious reasons).

I’m always saying to the kids ‘don’t get too attached to the cows’. We’ve already bought one beastie off the neighbour to ‘save’ him from his final trip (Black Moo – you may remember).

Which reminds me, the other day Michael had a day out with a friend and when he got home he said to me ‘don’t get too attached to me Mum’.


I said ‘it’s too late for that son, I’m your Mum’!

Michael has been taking some happy snaps and was keen to share them with the world:

Buttons the calf by MB (800x577)Buttons the calf with mum Rose (and friend) by Michael Bryden

Michael also got a couple of photos of the alpacas.

He was very chuffed with this one because it is very rare for both alpacas to have a rest at the same time in the day (one is usually standing up and on the lookout for predators – as you do, when you are a tasty herd animal)

smallerMerlin and Spirit having a snooze by Michael Bryden

I prefer this one (because you can tell they are still alive):

merlin spoils it by MB (small)‘Merlin spoils it’ by Michael Bryden

But Michael was unimpressed and hence the label ‘Merlin spoils it’ 😉

He cracks me up that kid!

Anyhoo, chaos is still upon us in Bryden land. We all had the flu which was great fun #not and Michael is off on Saturday for a 7 day bus trip to Canberra via Sydney (and even gets to go to a snow field).


16 thoughts on “puffnstuff

  1. Photos are fantastic. How comfortable & trusting your alpacas are to both have a snooze. Good luck to Michael – hopefully a wonderful adventure for all concerned.

    1. Thanks Jane – I will tell Michael you like his photos 🙂 He is very excited (and nervous) about the trip – but more of the former than the latter (and I’m more of the latter than the former – hahaha) – if you have any valium hanging around can you pop some in the mail for me Jane 😉 xo

  2. Hi sorry you where all sick. Good luck Michael with your trip have lots of fun.
    Don’t you love the dead Alpaca look I have a pic with 4 asleep at the gate.
    Did I let you know that shearing at Bev’s is on the 7th September don’t know what time we all need to be there yet. Bev will be off to the EKKA soon hope she does well.

  3. Sorry to hear you were all sick :(. Tell Michael to have fun on his trip and his photos are amazing. Are either you or Shirl going? Love to you all and enjoy your time with the gorgeous Tess whilst Michael is having a great time away

    1. thanks Carolyn – I’ll tell Michael (though he read this blog post so he probably has already seen your comment). I was going to go with Michael but it’s not possible at this time. Tessa will have us all to her self 🙂

  4. Getting attached: it’s a funny business, isn’t it? Clive Bond still has not returned and the children miss him, but they’re already planning the next step. A silver tabby. I love the happy snaps: seize the day, say I 🙂

  5. Excellent composition in the cow shot and great, unusual capture of those lazy llamas. Have a wonderful trip, Michael. I think Mum’s missing you already 😉

  6. Sounds like a wonderful trip…certain you’ll have everything prepared…and if something happens…well that’s part of life isn’t it…but still best of luck!

  7. the pictures are great, and the names too. I do love Button and Rose, in french we say un bouton de rose, for the unopened rose, do you say the same?
    Great adventure for Michael, and it is a great adventure for any kid, going away from home, have fun!

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