The Tale of Black Rosita

There was a girl child, Black Rosita

who never once did seem to cry,

but always smiled, a flash of dare.

She once broke her foot while running free

in the dark forest that embraced the town,

and still she did not make a sound or cry.

Many believed her evil for the lack of tears.

One day a troublesome witch

spun a spell to make the girl child cry,

and so the tears began to flow

like a dam had been removed,

they flowed for two years

and some more.

A salty ocean began to rise

around the girl child, Black Rosita.

She was drowning in a spell of tears

and she knew not what to do.

But the dark angel of time was listening

and had grown tired of her tears and cries.

He exhaled a powerful breath of air

to blow a life raft into her path.

Black Rosita swam with arms so weak

toward the boat, then clinging with clawed hands

as only a drowning fool can cling,

too tired to get in, but still with breath.

Black Rosita drifted back to shore,

a mollusc attached to an empty vessel.

The crying had stopped, the spell was broken

and the villagers awaited Black Rosita.


(to be cont.)