Dead Cat

A long time ago
Paula listened to REM’s Everybody Hurts on the work radio,
the lyric cut her chest open like a sharp hunting knife
and a wild cat storm of tears found their escape,
I let her cry,
She kept the baby,
lost her job,
lost her life,
but lived to feel another day.

Some time back now
I drove by a dead cat on a road,
blood streaked eyes stared blankly
then, the head lifted
and the eyes glared at me,
I drove on.

This week
my son is sick so gets extra
cuddles and chicken soup,
my daughter wants time
alone with Mummy
because her brother can be annoying,
we eat cake at the coffee shop and giggle over iced chocolate

You do what you can.


note: an edited repost

14 thoughts on “Dead Cat

  1. Do what we can, let go of what we can’t – you’ve brought it all together so well in this poem. It’s so hard to allow the small moments of joy to be just that when we’re feeling overwhelmed. Excellent, Gabe.

    1. It’s like meditation bb – you have to practice hard to achieve the result – easy to give up on the little moments of gold when the clouds are threatening, but we have to try – ‘hold on’

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