The Scream

The_ScreamThe Scream (Edvard Munch)

The Scream

There would be no subdued start
no moan or groan, no tremulous rumbling
no hint of discontent deep in the vocal cords
no gradual crescendo
to the peak
of an intense



It began how it would end
high pitched agony of breath
tearing through human flesh
a tsunami roar of despair
against a blood red sky
straight from an
Edvard Munch painting


Note: An edited repost

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    1. thanks Helen πŸ™‚ I did write the poem separately from the painting and just came to the association with The Scream at the end – but it seems to work either way – probably helped by the universality of the sentiment in the painting which has helped to make it so popular I believe.

    1. Yes, you are right Ben πŸ™‚ though he is the most famous artist in Norway. I became aware of this painting in a play which I read at Uni by August Strindberg – the painting is used in one of the scenes as a prop – Munch and Strindberg were great friends and influenced each other (art and drama) and so did Ibsen (though he was more of an enemy to Strindberg) – fascinating cohort of artists.

  1. I love this poem of yours, Gabe – it says so much about being trapped in the human condition, about shock, and about rage against the many injustices in the world (and, frankly, my state of mind at the moment!)

    1. Thanks bb. I know what you mean – we all need a sound proof room to scream as loud as we can, without frightening the neighbours – it is the best way to release existential angst πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Kate πŸ™‚ No event in particular (though I could tell you a story about a scream from a neighbour in the dead of night …) just when things get too much I always visualise myself screaming in this way – a daydream of sorts

  2. it’s still a great poem even betterβ€”i enjoy the scream subject, there’s so much screaming, like on TV, screams screams screams you could write a screamplay and i could have some i scream, no squeemishness about screamishness, it’s a raw fact, a wellworn tool of expression, a scream scene haha

    1. hahahaha a Hitchcock scream festival πŸ˜‰ it is a great tool of expression and often involuntary – I am sure there are many scream benefits to be had – reduced blood pressure, quick arrival of help (hopefully), release of endorphins … thanks tipota (I still remember your first comment on this poem about the microphone at the gallery)

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