Snowy andΒ  Chicks (about 6 weeks ago)

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Snowy and Chicks (Today)

Snowy and chicks June 2013 (1024x750)

You can see they are all Snowy lookalikes and the pompoms are starting to come through.

Snowy spends most of the day in the outside coop with her rooster dude Edgar Allen Poe and the other four hens.

When she enters the coop area, Edgar does a happy dance around her (I must video it when I have a moment) – he circles her and edges closer and closer as he circles (a bit of an ownership display or maybe he is trying to impress her – though she looks anything but impressed πŸ˜‰ ).

Snowy spends the night back with her chicks in the shed to keep them warm (it’s winter here in Aussie land).

Soon they will all be outside in their own area with their own coop.

Time flies when you’re having fun πŸ™‚