Baby Mini Goats (Raspberry and Pippin)

The reason I have been very quiet in the blogosphere 🙂

Two five week old baby mini goats came to live with us two weeks ago and require bottle feeding twice a day.

There’s the 6:30 am feed and the 4:30 afternoon feed.

wethernaomi[3]Raspberry (Mini Goat)


Pippin (Mini Goat)

IMGP3868 (800x600)Raspberry (cream) and Pippin (black and white)

If you all think I have gone nutty with all the beasties, well you would be wrong.

I have a master plan and all is going well.

I might even tell you about it one day 😉

Just got to get the CIA off my back first – hahaha 🙂

33 thoughts on “Baby Mini Goats (Raspberry and Pippin)

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  1. Sorry to be obtuse but yesterday I had over 300 hits from the USA (from one source) and there were 3 views per blog post – totally weird (like a machine had done it) – I changed my password in case I was about to be hacked – then I had the thought that maybe the CIA was monitoring me 😉

  2. Lucky for you this is not the fifties or you would have been extradited and charged with aiding and abetting misogyny, Anyone with a black and a white anything in the same space was clearly a Rotten Commie! Worse it they were found under your bed!
    I had to burn my chess board and then watch to make sure the smoke had integrated before leaving the chimney.
    BTW; they are too cute to eat.

    1. hahaha you should have hung on to the chess board 😉 Stafford (good to see you again – hope the book is going well) – they are too cute to eat (but so are cows – and I eat them)

    1. I must video them Benedicte – you wouldn’t believe how high they can jump and how often they do it (they love playing and running around like crazy and jumping on things and back down again – over and over) – extremely nimble 🙂

    1. hahahahaha that is not far from the truth Charles – scary stuff – I just assume anything that is put on the internet is up for grabs (just hope they can never infiltrate my thoughts 😉 )

  3. Too cute! IMO, the sanest people keep company with a plethora of critters, animals and humans too, means the sanest ones are the ones like you! May your sanity spread globally!

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