14 thoughts on “Iceberg Lettuce (haiku)

    1. hahaha thanks Charles – the reason I am so excited about this lettuce is because it’s the first time I have managed to grow one to look like an iceberg lettuce – the rest have gone completely psycho (really tall and no heart) – this will probably be the last one that looks like a real lettuce – hahahaha 😀

    1. that sounds wonderful Juliet 🙂 I love when you can just pick a part off a plant and it keeps growing – my silverbeet is like that – just harvest a few leaves at a time and they are quickly replaced.

  1. Hehe – very, very clever. Perhaps if Clive ate more of the straight-from-the-ground green stuff he would be less inclined to act like he’d been smoking it

    1. bwhahahaha what a thing to say bluebee (you may get a visit from his pals if you’re not careful – hahaha) – he is quite the character (should bring a bit of light relief to the election)

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