27 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Am so glad there are frogs at your new place Gabe. The world wouldn’t be the same without your frog poems!

  2. Great one, Gabrielle. We forget taht these little creatures do complex risk assessments every day. We should buy them in as consultants to our councils here in Britain.

  3. A froggie who really knows how to put the high into haiku! Not without a parachute! I think he’s just enjoying the view and I trust he found another way back to the frog pond.

    1. thanks Aletha – actually they do jump from the roof to the ground (all the time) – you hear this plopping sound and know they are on the move (they stay on the gutters looking down for some time – often half an hour or more – hence the photographic opportunity – they look so cute up there) – they can jump very long distances without hurting themselves (they are like rubber superheroes).

    1. They fall with the rain as tadpoles, bluebee, and some of them land in the roof guttering. Before there were roof gutters, they would land in the holes in trees left from where branches had snapped off or termites had partly got in. Occasionally one would survive in a puddle up there long enough to become a fully fledged frog.That’s why they evolved sticky feet – so they can climb back up later in life to see where they came from. The ones that grow up in pools on the ground have had their sticky feet passed down to them for the same reason.

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