the cyclone watches
with a calm eye,

enticing movement
to the outside,
to survey

the damage
of tempestuous squalling,
atmospheric pressure

moulding the art
of cyclonic breathing,
take in the air

deep in your lungs,
inhale the stillness, the silence
and wait,

turbulent winds
will return in a blink
of the eye

of this storm,


ps. satellite photo was taken on my last trip to the moon šŸ˜‰ (google images)

14 thoughts on “warning

    1. No, the cyclone season is officially over – though there was one forming in early May in the Gulf but it sizzled out to nothing – it’s raining heavily today however and that always reminds me of summer and storms. I did have a wonderful mother’s day – thankyou Charles šŸ™‚

  1. Very evocative. Probably much better to write cyclone poetry when none are near. But for rain, can’t you write those even while it’s happening? The water dropping is so poetic. Seems like something that wants words around it. Your cyclone poem has filled us all with healthy respect for Nature’s power.

    1. thankyou Aletha – you are right – best not to write a cyclone poem when the cyclone is upon you šŸ˜‰ but with regard to rain, I prefer to snuggle in bed and listen to the rain rather than write about it!

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