IMGP3368 (1024x749)

Remember boys – two heads are better than one 🙂

IMGP3359 (1024x843)

Now’s our chance – let’s finish that tunnel!

IMGP3422 (1024x748)

Spirit and Merlin gossiping again 😉

Michael Jazz in pool (1024x741)

Jazz – this is how you dog paddle 🙂

IMGP3374 (1024x763)

Hey Spirit, you know how I told you – Never trust the humans 😉

Well these ones are tolerable

IMGP3362 (1024x761)

However, this one with the camera is totally weird 😉

19 thoughts on “Family photos

  1. So relaxing to look at your paradise , they all seem to go along fine, very pleased with their homes.
    Beautiful pictures Gabrielle.
    So in this paradise is there snakes and mean huge spiders? 😉

    1. every paradise has an equal and opposite reality 😉 We have snakes, huge spiders, wild dogs and dingoes, rats and mice, crazy bulls who slobber all over the place and would run you down in a flight of fancy, and irrational fears to boot 😉 ) It’s all happening here 🙂 Benedicte

    1. awww thanks Charles (very sweet of you) – got your lovely book in the post yesterday and have had the first read – well done – terrific stuff (photos and poems) – love the way you have done them all from the bird’s perspective looking down on us pitiful humans 😉 A great collection.

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