Two male alpacas (desexed) have come to live with us here in the Elysian fields 😉

alpacas resized

Spirit and Merlin are inseparable (a macho smoochy smooch)

merlin spirit resized

Look at those lips on Merlin!

boys resized

They remind me of the pushmi-pullyu critter from Dr Doolittle


43 thoughts on “Alpaca Love

  1. aloha Gabrielle. they remind me of the Andes, high, high up and discovering the difference in softness between alpaca and llama. in fact my favorite most remembered sweater was purchased on a midnight dark train by the feel of the sweater, from a young vender, who along with many others had hopped onto the train as it rolled into a stop for brief moments.

    it was perfect (to me), a slip-over, hooded, through the belly pocket, lace-up at the neck and so soft compared to others i’d looked at (by touch) that i knew i’d buy it. and it fit. and by the little light there was i could see it was darks—browns and blacks with a single white star-like shape in the center of the chest.

    then came the bargaining. the initial price asked was so low i couldnt believe it. it was so low i didnt want to bargain (not a wise thing to do tho so i did bargain—just a little). i could tell the vender was pleased. so was i. off the train she hopped as it began to roll.

    that’s a very pleasant memory to go back to at any time. way cool on your alpaca crew. will you use the alpaca wool?. fun. aloha.

    1. great story Rick – I wonder what happens if you don’t bargain – hahaha :)The sweater sounds perfect. I hope to use the wool for something – you have to do a lot of work to it (so I will see how I go) but if I don’t make it into yarn, I will use it as a filler for something else (like pillows) – my laziness may get in the way of any dedicated wool making 😉

      1. cool on making use when possible.

        yeah. i have stories about not bargaining. it’s a lot like an insult. and a lot like saying you are better than they are so you are condescending in some cultures if you do not bargain. one story i heard from the non-bargainer side was that she wanted to give a good price for the thing because she was going to resell it in the usa. and the asking price was just way too low for what she was going to be able to resell it. even so, here is what happened:

        the vender woman liked the woman buyer—just on the spot took a liking to her. so she gave her a good price to start with. not a real high price but a little high so the bargaining could take place but it would be a good deal for the buyer. the buyer wanted to pay more and that offended the seller, it made the seller feel cheapened. after that in fact the seller would not sell to the buyer at any price. not double not half. and never would. which was too bad for the buyer because this was a vender who did very good work. but she was asking an appropriate price with a little room to go down. it is expected that the buyer should know a good price (even tho when we are not from the country we dont). so bargaining too hard too low, is not good. but not bargaining at all is offensive. the seller picked up her wares and left. and she did so every time that buyer came into the market place after that too.

        1. I had no idea! Holey Moley – now I know – next time I am travelling in the highest mountains of Peru I will bargain just the right amount for my alpaca jumper 🙂 thanks Rick for the stories

          1. bwahahaha. yeah. just the right amount will get you a yapa (sp??). a little something extra when the vender likes you and wants you to come back to them.

            i have lots of bargaining stories. i got to where i had a lot of fun bargaining. and reasonably good at it too. but only for specific countries. i’m sure the rules are slightly different for each country

  2. how lovely! they found a home on your plot of paradise! and they look so happy (who wouldn’t be?) — it’s just so beautiful there, congrats on the new residents, what fun!:)

    1. that’s a bit personal adeeyoyo – bwhahahahaha – maybe one is just using a hair lightener on his facial hairs 😉 They can spit, but they don’t seem to spit – well, they haven’t done it to us yet!

  3. O they are beautiful Gabe.
    Last time i have seen one was over 20 years ago. my old took me to one farm.
    Was great fun
    I am sure it is better at home

  4. Hi Gabe, How r those boys going? I bet they r extremely spoilt by now.
    I love going out and just wasting time cuddling and talking to them, they love it too.

    1. They are both really good and settled nicely – not much humming anymore 😉 I have set up a chair in the shelter so I can just sit and watch them (and have a chat about the days events 🙂 )

  5. How sweet is that. Animals are like that and will become buddies and very close when they have no one else. When my oldest cat died, my other cat who is 4yrs younger, missed him alot as they slept together, played together and were just all around buddies. He did adjust but it was hard on him, you could tell.

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