Elysian Fields in Autumn

Elysian Fields in Autumn

resized rainbow

Is that a wee leprechaun I see?

IMGP3258 (1024x768)

Some of our Muscovy ducks (the ducklings joined them yesterday) 🙂

resized bamboo

Our bamboo forest (some would call it a windbreak 😉 )

resized house

A leprechaun house that fell out of a tree!

resized Edgar Allen Poe

Our new Silkie rooster (Edgar Allen Poe) enjoying the company of his ladies (Snowy – the main gal, Vegemite, Henny Penny and Ms Eagle)

resized vege patch

My newly established vege patch (tomatoes,oregano, basil, capsicum, eggplant, silver beet, chives, lettuce etc.,)

24 thoughts on “Elysian Fields in Autumn

    1. It is upside down – hahaha – Australia broke all heat records this summer and plants can burn in the heat of the day – we are in the subtropics and our autumn is probably like your summer – hahaha – a great time to plant veges (lots of sun and not much rain – we have bore water/ground water freely available) – in fact you can plant any time of year around here (though some times are better for some particular plants).

  1. How can I comment on paradise? Each picture is to dream for. I love bamboos and specially the music of the wind in the leaves.
    You do not need protection around your patch of delicious vegetables?

    1. Thanks Ben 🙂 Bamboo is wonderful and it does make some special music and magic – like the bamboo shoots are talking to each other. Nothing is eating my veges so far – maybe all the hares have drowned in the floods – there are no kangaroos here and I haven’t seen any possums – in Brisbane my vege patch would have been demolished by possums, but not around here – we will see and if there are problems I will get some netting 😉 fingers crossed

    1. Thanks Charles – not sure where all the bunnies have gone, but nothing is bothering my crop at the moment – maybe they were all flooded out of their warrens and have gone elsewhere – I haven’t seen the bandicoot around either – maybe there is just a lot of food elsewhere (that is not so close to a house) that they are hanging around.

  2. Oh, it is such beautiful country, and the superb pics really are transportive! gorgeous rainbow, the veggie garden, the land reaching out – it’s a piece of paradise! And Happy Happiness Day too! x

  3. What a wonderful place to be – like your veggie patch, Gabe. My dreamed-of-veggie patch is just a highly fertilised weed patch at the moment!

    1. haha – mine might yet turn out just like yours – wish it would just not rain for a month or so – veggie patches always start out with so much promise, until a miriad of problems come along to give us a headache and a tendency to avoid said crop 😉

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