resized duckling smucklings



something mellow
that gets the yolk,

the buttercup duckling
wrapped in chubby fingers, cradling,

it don’t mean a thing
if it ain’t got that lemon zing,

butter creaming,
icing sugar dreaming,

sunflower beaming,
Coldplay streaming,

cows milk churning,
cheese wheels turning,

banana paddle-popping
corner shop-a-stopping,

sunbeam slating
the unhappiness, deflating,

so tie a welcome ribbon
round the old oak tree,


sinister like yellowcake in the hands
of anyone,

a fever lingering in the blood
of mosquitoes,

the sheen of the underbelly
of a suspect snake,

the label of a coward in the face
of fear,

the jaundiced hue of the face of the man
with a failing liver,

and the phlegm from the lungs of the one
with emphysema,

or the ageing letters cramped in the diminishing space
of the nursing home,

as well as the caution sign on the door,


Note: A repost poem from my colour series and in honour of the ducks and ducklings now cavorting around our property – and a reminda that you gotta take the good with the bad 😉

19 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. Love your colour series, Gabe – interesting that yellow represents so much of the good and the bad – a poem on which I wish to ponder (when I should be pondering constructions of childhood in contemporary Australian children’s lit for an assignment that’s due this week – ho hum)

    1. it is an interesting area, the meanings and symbolism associated with colours – I am sure a thesis or two could be written on the subject (and probably has been) 😉 That is some topic you are working on – how far back does contemporary go?

      1. The oldest text on the list of texts that we are studying was first published in 1987 (I’m sure you’re familiar with the book ‘My Place’ 🙂 ) and the most recent is ‘Town’ by James Roy. We are also looking at some film/TV narratives, such as ‘Australian Rules’ and ‘Summer Heights High’

    1. ah yes, the soft pale yellow of a children’s soft toy – wonderful 🙂 We are all very well, except for the plague of insects that has settled over the town post floods – mosquitoes and flying ants everwhere – yuk!

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