Room for Sound (a psalm)

Room for Sound (a psalm)

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photo by G Bryden

Room for Sound (a psalm)

Whistling airstream whirls through a crack;
…..understand the silence of a room not entered.

Mute from birth listening to the maelstrom;
…..words linger without hope in barren vocal cords.

Stillness of meditation creates harmony of thought;
…..sound amplified in an empty house is too loud.

Listening to bad news on the box is a hard drone;
…..hunger returns when the funny man gets to the guts of it.

Bathroom acoustics are great for any instrument;
….. but audiences prefer the comfort of a larger space.

Wild dolphins connect to the pod with clicks and squeals;
…..captured dolphins reel from sonar in a confined space.

If dolphins could speak their minds they might be free;
… could we deny them the room for their sound.


Note: an edited repost 🙂

22 thoughts on “Room for Sound (a psalm)

  1. I’m afraid if they did speak…they would be held hostage until the betrayed the secrets of the deep….oh just a mood brought on by listening to too much Haydn this afternoon…enjoyed your poem.

    1. I think you may be right Charles – we would exploit them in some other way for sure 😦 but the dolphins will get their revenge when they take over the world (they’re already communicating via ESP according to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – hahaha 😉 and talking about us behind our backs.

    1. Thanks Martin – they’re my favourites too (I was in my office a long time ago and the wind was whistling through a crack in the nearly shut sliding door – when I shut the door properly the sound was gone – I ponderated on this amazement ;)).

    1. haha I used to go to parties with a lot of musos and there would always be someone playing guitar on the edge of a bath tub or sink (good reverbs as they say) – you would know all about these things Staffo having been a professional muso yourself.

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