27 thoughts on “Haiku (Bundaberg flood 2013)

    1. Yes! I was relieved that Brissie and Ipswich didn’t cop the same force as last time but Bundy was worse for some strange reason (2 metres over the 2011 flood). Every school in Bundaberg was delayed for a week, and some that got flooded were delayed for longer.

  1. It is heart breaking the destruction that floods can wreak.My heart goes out to everyone affected. But I also worry about the animals as they are so dependent (at times like this) on people helping them when they can’t get out of situations or can’t flee without assistance. Lovely to read that those horses in the pic were rescued. Emotive poem Gabrielle.

    1. Thanks Helen. Yes, I really feel for the helpless animals (though cats I must admit are quite adaptive it would seem – at least they can climb and have access to food like mice and birds). Many people refused the first evacuation order even though they had animals and then the 2nd time they were forced to go, their animals were not allowed on the helicopters!

  2. I’m pretty speechless at the moment, you said so much with such brevity. I am SO glad you mentioned the horses were rescued. I’m imagining them now in a nice lush green paddock with me hanging off their necks lol. So glad the worst is over. Lots of work ahead, hope the Govt pitches in for the long haul. xo

    1. One good thing about all the water – the paddocks are a ‘nice lush green’ so the horses have plenty of feed Lily 😉 I felt so sorry for the horses – some got flooded, and some got caught in the 3 tornadoes the town copped as well (in Bargara and Burnett Heads).

    1. Thanks Kate 🙂 We are all fine – a delay to school start and a week stuck in the house and no way to get to the shops, but we had electricity and supplies and we didn’t get flooded – so we are very lucky.

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