Bundaberg Flood 2013 from Outer Space

We live just north of Bundaberg on acreage.

We escaped the river flood but have been isolated by the flood waters.

We live north (a few kilometres) from the exclusion zone – North Bundaberg was devastated by floods and the army set up an exclusion zone (no-one to enter for safety reasons). Residents have only just been allowed to enter for a few hours this morning.

All schools in Bundaberg have been closed until next Monday (some even later than that).

It’s been a busy time – I will blog more about it when I have time.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the thousands of Bundabergians who have lost homes, pets, livestock, businesses, orchards, produce etc.,

Please watch this short video to gain some perspective on this disaster which has impacted on much of Bundaberg: