Disaster in Bundaberg (Flood 2013)


Bundaberg Flood 2013 from Outer Space

We live just north of Bundaberg on acreage.

We escaped the river flood but have been isolated by the flood waters.

We live north (a few kilometres) from the exclusion zone – North Bundaberg was devastated by floods and the army set up an exclusion zone (no-one to enter for safety reasons). Residents have only just been allowed to enter for a few hours this morning.

All schools in Bundaberg have been closed until next Monday (some even later than that).

It’s been a busy time – I will blog more about it when I have time.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the thousands of Bundabergians who have lost homes, pets, livestock, businesses, orchards, produce etc.,

Please watch this short video to gain some perspective on this disaster which has impacted on much of Bundaberg:



31 thoughts on “Disaster in Bundaberg (Flood 2013)

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    1. Thanks Charles – we are all fine but it is very upsetting to see what has happened to the neighbourhood (again) and the loss of so many animals (and 6 people, including a little 3 year old).

    1. Thanks bb 🙂 it was all my disaster dreams happening at once – I was trying to work out how I would get my two dogs and 4 chickens into the rescue helicopter 😉 just as well it never got to that, cause I am not sure I would have left.

  1. The ‘like’ is support, not ‘like’ as such, of course.
    Glad you escaped the worst effects and that awful damage, and hope the isolation won’t give too many problems. The losses are heartbreaking.

    1. Those ‘like’ buttons are a bit like that 😉 thanks colonialist (I knew what you meant). We are not isolated anymore – they have created a detour through the badly damaged section and one bridge is open – traffic is a nightmare but that is not such a big problem in the scheme of things – kids have even been a school since Monday and enjoying it (glad to be finally out of the house I think).

        1. A huge amount of money colonialist 😉 and other stuff – the army have dropped in to help with their tanks and trucks – they are doing a great job (along with police, emergency services, volunteers, fire fighters …)

    1. I’ve been hit for a six Kate and we didn’t even get flooded – I cannot imagine how the people who got flooded feel (and those who have been flooded twice, badly, in two years). There are hand written signs all over town like ‘Keep strong Queensland’ which are quite uplifting.

    1. Just awful – they keep getting knocked down – the mud is so disgusting and smelly, but there are hundreds of volunteers helping out – they call them the Mud Army – haha – doing a terrific job.

    1. The waters have receded Geoff and we haz food and supplies – yayay – amazing how one takes things for granted until they start to disappear (food, drinks, electricity etc.,) – this week has been much better than the previous week – thanks for thinking of us 🙂

  2. Oh summer in Australia – it can swap from delight to destruction in a blink of an eye. And while one part of the country goes up in the flames, another part goes under water. Thanks for this reminder of what it’s actually like. When we get this information only through the news, it’s tempting to just think, Well, these things happen. But when we hear the personal stories and experience through blobs it makes it all more real – and, remarkably, as if it’s happening just up the road. All the best to you and yours.

    1. Thanks Nigel 🙂 It is easy to switch off from news stories on tv etc., You seem to have got caught up in the middle of this as I was relaying the flooding as it happened via your comment box – haha – only had the internet (wifi) during the flood, as our telephone lines were disconnected – thank goodness for the internet (and electricity – we were very lucky not to lose power, though most residents did, and for some days as well).

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