19 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

    1. It is a big tractor – we just sold it a couple of hours ago as we have a ride-on mower which is slightly easier to use – haha – thought I’d get a photo in before it got taken away! (rusty old thing too). Hope you have a great Christmas Charles and lots of love!

  1. Hope you had a fab Christmas, and here’s wishing you a really wonderful 2013.
    Erm, shouldn’t you try that thing, too? It would make you even more a-tractor-of! *flees swiftly, cackling*

    1. It is a cool tractor – but we sold it that day as it was a bit dangerous to use (tendency to lift up at front if go to fast) – I love farm equipment 😉 We had an interesting Christmas – a fantabulous 2013 is on the cards I think (we’re both due a good year Selma – 2012 was a horror). Big love to all the Selmarites in Sydney 🙂

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