I’m in Trouble Again

I’m in Trouble Again


My ransom note poem about Gina Rinehart ‘Listen up Gina’ has been published in the Australian Poetry’s Sotto Magazine (November Edition).

This makes me very happy but slightly apprehensive ๐Ÿ˜‰ as Ms Rinehart (the richest lady in the world) is on the search for more coal (like she hasn’t got enough already) and has bought the local pub (5 minutes drive away) on the promise of a seam of the dirty stuff. It is more than likely that the coal is there and that she’ll be employing people (at the lowest rates possible) to dig it out of the ground.

Never mind! There are heaps of other pubs around. And I have heaps of aliases – haha.


Gabe Killer Crook xo


26 thoughts on “I’m in Trouble Again

    1. That’s right Charles – nowhere to hide – and we might even have gas under our 20 acres – we might have to join the Lock The Gate movement to stop cold fingers of the coal seam gas octopus.

  1. aloha Gabe KC – you make powerful points. and enemies. i see. of course we are often judge by the enemies we make. . . .

    potent and powerful visual poem. i like that. congratulations on the publication. way outstanding.

    be well. safe. and poeticing. aloha.

    1. Thanks Rick ๐Ÿ™‚ I did the image with a ransom note generator (can you believe there are such things – bwhahahaha) and it only fit the first paragraph on it – but I still love the concept – saved me cutting out letters from magazines and pasting them on the paper (as I’ve done for other kidnapping poems and such things ) ps. Crook is my maiden name – haha – I just realised that some people might think I made it up – hahaha

      1. yeah. in this context “Crook” followed “Killer” on the made up list.
        yeah, two – i can believe there are random note generators. i’ve used random word generators and random number generators occasionally. it wouldnt surprise me if there are random shoe generators either. i’ve done some cut and paste both with digital technology and with scissorsโ€”or more precisely a little device that lets you snip out bits from paper by sliding it along after poking the tip through the paperโ€”heck if i know what it’s called but it’s a fun device to use. . . . . altho it is self poweredโ€”i mean by me.

        it’s a great device – the mysterious ransom note look. pub up and laughter too. aloha.

  2. Congrats, Gabe. If GR had a self-deprecating sense of humour, she’d invite GKC down to that pub for a spot of arm-wrestling and try-and-drink-me-under-the-table. Stir it up, Bryden!!!

    1. thanks Nigel ๐Ÿ™‚ I wouldn’t call it ‘mega brave’ – haha – I’m one of the untouchables (being a spambot and all ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) – I’d be a bit worried if I worked for her or the newspaper she’s trying to take control of!

  3. wow she is pretty scary looking haha, but i think you could take her easily just one karate chop in the belly, she’ll go down. poor thing! i mean rich thing!
    happy holidays gabrielle, so glad you’re settling in your new lovely place!

  4. THat’s why we love you, Gabe, you old stirrer. And let’s face it, no one deserves to have the wind put up her more than Ms Rinehart. I could take her too (with Tipota’s help) as I have an excellent high kick but until T and I ride into town watch your back. She probably has you on CCTV already. Dun dun dun……

    1. hahaha – they call me the mix-master (oops, no, that would be Andy the Great) – stirring is a great Aussie tradition I think ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tipota is quite the black belt, and with your high kick and my below the belt wacks – we’ll take her on for sure Selma – Huzzah!

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