We’ve Moved



We’ve moved into our new place and chaos rules.

We are still moving actually, as the furniture hasn’t quite caught up with us. We are sleeping on the floor on blow-up mattresses. It’s like luxury camping – with toilets and showers and a fridge. We didn’t even have a fridge for the first week and were using an esky with lots of ice.

The internet reception out here isn’t very good, and I am having heaps of problems getting on the internet most days. Some days I can’t get online at all, and other days it’s fine. Totally unpredictable and Geeks-R-Us haven’t been very helpful

Anyhoo, I have just popped in quickly to show we are still alive and well.

When I find a camera I will take some photos of the cows, horses, ducks, chickens, dogs, finches and mice (haha – yes, the boy wanted a cow for Christmas so we gave the kids 5 mice instead – nice!)

This place is like heaven šŸ™‚

Cheers, beers and engineers

Gabe xo



16 thoughts on “We’ve Moved

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    1. Hi Charles – it feels like we are in the middle of nowhere but actually only 10 minutes drive to a main centre. A bit of distance from other folk is always a good thing in my opinion – no unexpected drop ins or annoying parties to wreck my sleep šŸ˜‰ and if we are loud, no-one can hear us! Happy holidays to you too – it’s all going a bit too quick for me.

    1. It certainly is a bit of an adventure bb – we’re getting a trailor today, so should have some furniture soon – taking it slowly has some advantages šŸ™‚ The boy is happy we have all been dossing down together, as it is less scary than a new bedroom all on your lonesome.

  1. wonderful,
    internet isn’t the most important thing. surly not in a place like this. just hope you drop by sometimes so we get the news from you..

    1. You’re right Dhyan – I’ve only missed the internet for the practical side of it (like paying bills and stuff) and keeping up with my blogging friends – my boy who is usually stuck to his android tablet, has been outside most days looking at the next door neighbours cows and swimming and stuff – he said he now thinks the internet is not as good as he thought – yayay

    1. Thank you kindly Kate šŸ™‚ Things will slow down now after the Christmas rush – hopefully. My Dad is in England for a month (to savour the Christmas atmosphere in a cold country – I hope it is cold over there at the moment – haha – maybe even some snow thrown in for good measure). Happy Christmas Kate and your lovely family xo

  2. Hi Gabrielle. There are always little inconveniences when moving but never for long. They will soon be sorted. But you have a great place there. And what a fun way to move in – sleeping on blow up mattresses. Love it! I know you will have a wonderful life there.

    1. Thanks Helen – yes, you are right – it will all fade into the background in a few years – I don’t really remember any of my previous moves (except when we moved from my first house that I grew up in – that was a little sad – now I don’t get attached to houses šŸ™‚ ) Wishing you a merry Christmas Helen!

  3. I am over the moon for you. A dodgy internet connection sucks but it might sort itself out. Can’t wait to see the pics and hear all your fabulous tales. It’s gonna be great!!!

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