We’ve moved into our new place and chaos rules.

We are still moving actually, as the furniture hasn’t quite caught up with us. We are sleeping on the floor on blow-up mattresses. It’s like luxury camping – with toilets and showers and a fridge. We didn’t even have a fridge for the first week and were using an esky with lots of ice.

The internet reception out here isn’t very good, and I am having heaps of problems getting on the internet most days. Some days I can’t get online at all, and other days it’s fine. Totally unpredictable and Geeks-R-Us haven’t been very helpful

Anyhoo, I have just popped in quickly to show we are still alive and well.

When I find a camera I will take some photos of the cows, horses, ducks, chickens, dogs, finches and mice (haha – yes, the boy wanted a cow for Christmas so we gave the kids 5 mice instead – nice!)

This place is like heaven šŸ™‚

Cheers, beers and engineers

Gabe xo