Just seems like yesterday she was a bubba.

Here’s a reposted poem as we are very busy at the moment (I’ve promised to write her another poem πŸ˜‰ ).

Baby Tessa

On the 12th day of November
Baby Tessa arrives in style.
She is different to her brother,
an alertness in her eyes.

Our gorgy, porgy, precious girl
with a warm bread smell about her.
Skin as soft as a pony’s nose
with squidgy toes and fingers.

Our Chooky-Do is lovely
and yummy enough to eat.
We tickle and make her giggle,
sprinkling kisses on her feet.

We bath and dry and hold her,
a delicate, scrumptious lump.
So warm and soft and sleepy,
milky breath and tummy plump.

Mummy sings a lullaby,
Her mummy sang to her.
‘Rock-a-bye baby …’ it goes,
Rolling through a sleepy blur.

Peaceful in a baby sling,
next to Daddy’s chest.
Enveloped in love and protectiveness
our blessed child at rest.