Just seems like yesterday she was a bubba.

Here’s a reposted poem as we are very busy at the moment (I’ve promised to write her another poem πŸ˜‰ ).

Baby Tessa

On the 12th day of November
Baby Tessa arrives in style.
She is different to her brother,
an alertness in her eyes.

Our gorgy, porgy, precious girl
with a warm bread smell about her.
Skin as soft as a pony’s nose
with squidgy toes and fingers.

Our Chooky-Do is lovely
and yummy enough to eat.
We tickle and make her giggle,
sprinkling kisses on her feet.

We bath and dry and hold her,
a delicate, scrumptious lump.
So warm and soft and sleepy,
milky breath and tummy plump.

Mummy sings a lullaby,
Her mummy sang to her.
‘Rock-a-bye baby …’ it goes,
Rolling through a sleepy blur.

Peaceful in a baby sling,
next to Daddy’s chest.
Enveloped in love and protectiveness
our blessed child at rest.


21 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday Tessa

  1. Happy late BD to Tessa! Yes! In a moment they are gone and all of a sudden they re-appear but not as you imagined. Now I watch my grandchildren grow and it happens all over again. She is a pretty young lady.

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