We’re Moving House

Moving to 20 acres North of Bundaberg in the next couple of weeks 🙂

Settlement was yesterday  –  woohoo!

Neighbours are cattle, ducks and sugarcane.

We have our own water supply (two dams, two tanks).

We have 5 paddocks which are being used for horse agistment.

We are five minutes from a reserve which has platypus.

So, ‘we’re going up the country where the water tastes like wine.’

So exciting.


30 thoughts on “‘Going up the Country’ Canned Heat

  1. I will miss the froggies, in a vicarious kind of way. Hope you all enjoy the new surroundings, Gabrielle. Looking forward to reading some local platypi inspired poetri.

    1. haha I knew someone would pick up on my platypus plurality error 😉 thanks Brad – I am sure that we will have frogs on the farm – and if not we will create an environment where ‘they will come’. Have to get up really early to see an platypi – but I will try, I promise.

    1. They do indeed Nigel – I have only seen one alive at Lone Pine Koala sanctuary in Brisbane and have never seen one wild – and no-one I know has either. I also love the echidna which is apparently evolved from a distant relative of the Platypus – they are both monotremes (she said as she put her nerdy hat on 😉 ) and their young are both called puggles (and when you look at the echidna puggle you can see the resemblance to the platypus – just gorgeous). One morning I will attempt to get up early (the family falls about laughing) and try to capture a photo of the platypus.

  2. Hi Garbielle. Welcome to the ‘country’! We made the move from Sydney 14 years ago and love it! 40 acres near Childers, permaculture, self sufficient in power, water, composting loo … Got it all and wouldn’t trade it for the world 🙂 Look me up if you want to visit sometime.

    1. Wow, I would love to visit you – permaculture is awesome – we have been living at Woodgate for the past 5-6 years so know Childers really well – we almost bought some land at Childers, which is such a beautiful area, but it was too far to the kids school in Bundy. I’ll look you up after things settle down after the move.

  3. Wo -hoooo! Congratulations – it sounds like an amazing place. And oh, the posts it will generate. Looking forward to the platypus one! Good luck with all the practicalities, Gabrielle…

    1. Yes, moving the finches and chooks is the hardest thing about moving, especially the finches who will need a new aviary built and then capturing the little things and transporting them to their new abode (though that is Handy Andy’s job and I wash my hands of the whole thing – to difficult for me). I am in charge of chicken transfer – haha – which shouldn’t be too hard, I hope.

  4. I am so delighted for you Gabe I feel like crying with joy. Your very own platypus? How precious. I wish you every happiness in the world in your new home xxxx

    1. thank you Selma 🙂 I wish they were my own platypus – haha – they’re not on our property but a small Government nature reserve near by – good to see some people had a vision for the future when they set up these national parks and reserves – I must do another one of my dodgy videos (me and Tessa in the search for the hardly ever seen monotreme) 🙂

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