21 thoughts on “Sanctuary (haiku)

    1. The video is amazing – I had no idea what the balls meant – we have heaps of sand bubbler crabs on our beach but you rarely see them – just the balls they leave behind. Thanks Charles 🙂

  1. aloha Gabrielle – i’ve come across these little marvels of sand marbles in other places. i didnt know the name – i’m now wondering if it’s the same crab and name elsewhere.

    i like the “thud of bare feet” line. i can so hear that sound across firm sand. you have strong image builders in this ku. i like that. cool. aloha.

    1. Thanks Rick – I was running along with the dogs at the time. We have thousands of sand bubbler crabs on our beach but usually I just see the balls, not the crabs. Today there were so many crabs (because it was the middle of the day – when I don’t normally go out) and they disappear instantly you go anywhere near them – which is just as well, because there was no room to move on the beach for the crabs – ouch.

  2. Well, that cleared up a misconception for me. I always thought the little balls were from inside the burrow but these fellows are really natures little beachy garbage collectors!

  3. “thud of bare feet” – it must certainly seem that way to them. They are so funny and fascinating – love the I’m-bigger-than-you-over-there stance, haha

  4. Such interesting creatures. I’ve seen the balls so many times on the sand and have seen the crabs disappear just like that. They are so quick… just like an eye blink. Amazing!

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