Control Freak

Control Freak

No items are found out of place;
20 inches each side of the vase.
No angles are left to be turned;
The dust never settles; it’s spurned.
No books will be left upside down
Or magazines scattered around.
The photos are sorted and stored;
To display would be striking discord.
For with no correct categorisation
What’s left is sheer abomination.
The walls painted white floor to ceiling;
Too much colour would be so revealing.
The display of the personal articles
Will dismantle the person to particles:
The teeth, the hair and the feet
Bring forth notions that we are but meat.
Existentialist angst is intrusive;
Must clean to make it conducive.
To sort and to file is to calm,
To primp and to preen is to balm.

but the real          world                   is messy                            and cluttered
it’s chaotic       it’s jumbled              it’s smelly
it’s unpredictable                       not tidy but dirty
it’s muddled                   disordered                 and disarrayed
just like this last          rhyme
but                                                      that is                                      OK


look messy chicks – how wonderful! (this is an old photo – we haven’t got new chicks – but one day we will)

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  1. ah how nice it is to visit the tidy home of the control freak (but i wouldnt want to live there) haha. great poem, love the way it is so solid at first and then breaks into unruly pieces haha, great!!

  2. This piece jumped out at me from my Google reader and made beautiful slinky sounds to my ears, Gabrielle. The control you have displayed in this piece over the meter and rhyme is delightful to follow down over the steps and the bit at the bottom does just what I imagine a slinky would do when it gets there. 10 out of 10 for the couplets, and a high distinction for the conclusion!

  3. I know these moments of wanting everything in their right place, but young Thomas is quickly conditioning me to the beauty of things being everywhere!

    1. hahaha – kids do that to you Graham and we don’t have much choice but to go along with them or die of exhaustion straightening up after them – my hubby has difficulty grasping that notion and I have to remind him that this is what kids are like!

  4. Hahaha – brilliant – love the visual aspect, too. I know a one or two and would love to see what would happen if their anally ordered surroundings were jumbled like those last 6 lines (evil, I know)

    1. Interesting and I agree if you mean some form of spirituality (though this poem is not about me in any sense – I am more of a chaotic freak – haha). Funny but some of the most rigid people I know are the ones who are really religious – I think the rules and rituals would appeal to them.

      1. No need to run away from that word, Gabe. It means just what you want it to be, or what you perceive it to be.
        I think you need not be rigid to enjoy structure but you should also (not always) question the rules and see how they fit you and not how they fit the mass of people.

        In any case, too many people (mainly the rigid and the very “hard” religious) try to do so much that their G-D has no space to come in and do something for jhlsthemthem. If

        1. … to do something for them. If you try to do everything by yourself how can G-D (life, nature, little shiny girlish pink devi) can enter and do her things?
          that’s all.

  5. That last part – the “that’s ok” part, Gabrielle….I have left my teaching post with children with ASD now, but we used to spend our life explaining the day, or the timetable, or this change or that change, ending every social story with ‘but that’s ok.” Your poem brought everything vividly back.

    1. I think I did that subconciously Kate – I have said it so many times myself to ASD kids (‘but that’s ok) – but I wasn’t thinking of an ASD person with this poem. However, that said, it fits perfectly someone with ASD and the person I was thinking of when writing it could possibly have Aspergers. Thanks Kate 🙂

  6. Love the disorganization near the end. Fitting. Also, the beginning of it all – the clean freak, shall we say – reminds me of way back when I used to live at home. 😛

  7. Is it possible to be a neatness freak who is disorganized and messy? I see some of myself in this, and yet — if I were to claim any part of it in a literal sense — as though I am always cleaning or something — oh, the loud raucous hilarity it would evoke from those who know me! “Neatness freak?? In your dreams!!” Ooooh, I don’t think I’d want to go there … the embarrassment!

    I aspire to neatness — someday — someday I will be neat! I will! For now I am having only the freak without the neat ….

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