a present

a present

a present

a puppy I have for you my friend
to mute this worldly pain,
these brand new eyes of softness
will wrap the palpitations
of your thrashing heart in velvet,
protecting you from those sharp edges
which we dread most every day,

puppy gravitational goodness,
pulling you closer to now,
centrifugal force of puppyness
and playful tugging of the spirit,
the puppy-induced zen moment
gives power to the puppy;
and puppy love to you

woof, woof


For my cyber friend Summer Teh who tweeted to me I was getting very angry and upset with all that brawling in Canberra so it is doggie day -:)

and for everyone else who needs cheering up (have a puppy on me 😉 )


29 thoughts on “a present

    1. you are puppy deprived tricia and obviously in need of a virtual puppy 🙂 you must have a virtual puppy immediately (nb. if you have an ipad or android tablet you can really have a virtual puppy 😉 ) woof, woof and a big hug from this human!

  1. Perhaps we could send puppies to all the members of the UN…it might even lead to at least one day of real peace…keep smiling my friend…thanks for the uplifting post.

    1. Brilliant idea Charles – a luxury (for the puppies – little soft puppy beds, good food, exercise, attendants etc.,) shipment of puppies is on it’s way to the UN right now – there is one for you too 🙂 woof, woof and have a ghostly hug from me, Caspar 🙂

    1. Doesn’t get any better (are you listening hubby 😉 ) – I better stop at two dogs but if one crossed my path I could not resist! Here’s your puppy Tilly – feed immediately with virtual doggy yums and don’t forget the cuddles and walkies 🙂

  2. i cant help but notice the puppy in the picture has the most adorable little front paws, dainty almost. and a very sweet expression in the bright eyes! loved this!

    1. That’s Jazzy as a puppy tipota – she did have dainty paws back then and was completely adorabubble (wish they stayed as puppies for longer – except for the toilet training bit).

  3. I would love a puppy – we found homes for our dogs, Roxy, Red and Duke, when we emigrated and haven’t had any pets since. Our neighbour’s cat has sort of adopted us, but on his terms – i.e. lets us brush him but not hug him, haha

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