If you can’t

If you can’t

If you can’t

dodge them dodgems
bumper to bumper action.

If you can’t

dodge them birthdays
he’s 12, I’m 12 plus


If you can’t
beat them, join them,

If you can’t

let your hair down for a day
then you’re in the wrong lane,

move over,
I’m with the birthday kid,

If you can’t

race dodgems,
– then you can have your cake but can’t eat it.


It was Michael’s birthday on Friday and he turned twelve!

Happy birthday Michael xxxx

We’ve had the best few days (we’re making it a birthweek so it lasts a long time) and yesterday went on the dodgems – what a hoot (especially with all that loud music).


26 thoughts on “If you can’t

  1. those bumper cars look like big sneaker-shoes – birthday week!
    yay! you guys are such fun! happy bday to michael and many happy returns!

  2. Fantastic! Happy Birthday, Michael – looks as if you’ve had an awesome birthday weekend (your Mum. too, haha) – hope to see more of your photographic talents over the coming year πŸ™‚

  3. PS – I love dodgems, speed and want to race around a track somewhere for my birthday in a couple of weeks (and I’m 4x your age plus 1 – tell your Mum there’s really no need to grow up)

    1. hey, if you are ever up this way we will hit the dodgems – haha – there is a place in Bundy that has dodgems but never has many people – so it is even more fun with heaps of space πŸ˜‰ do the racing thing bb and enjoy that birthday – yayayay!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MICHAEL. You’re not too old for a big smooch, are you? MWAAAAHHHH. I love dodgem cars so much, they are the best fun. Hope you are having a super duper birthday week XXXX

    1. He’s not too old for a smooch – haha – better not ever be πŸ˜‰ Another dodgem car enthusiast – when we all meet up one day we are so going on the dodgems! Thanks Selma.

  5. Happy Birthday to Michael. What a week of celebrations he must have had, & what a way to make a young man feel the very special person that he is.

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