26 thoughts on “Wake Up Gabe!

    1. It is very funny watching the just out-of-pouch joeys jumping back in head first and trying to get their feet to follow 🙂 The Butcher bird does sing for me (well probably not for me personally) and sings better than nearly all birds around – nothing much better than the fluid song of the Butcher bird. Hello Stafford 🙂

  1. I love the look of the bird above the caption ‘witchetty grubs wiggling’.
    Very impressed with the shot of the kookaburra too. I’ve never managed to capture (on film) one so well.
    Nice to see you back too.

    1. That would be a Butcher Bird Kirstie (though it is a bit hard to recognise from that particular shot) – so gorgeous 🙂 At least I have never been bonked on the head by a Butcher Bird (touch wood). Nice to be back – thanks Kirstie!

    1. that’s ok Dhyan – you could try some freewheelin’ brainstorming to loosen up the Haka impressions – the video taps into some very deep issues regarding death, anger, grief, powerlessness and power – the stuff of life and death – hard to capture with words (maybe that is why the Haka – which is more visual than words – is so effective).

    1. It turned out to be a harmless (yeah sure) tree snake and is actually quite small – the photo just makes it look bigger. Thanks Selma – the colours of spring just amaze me (and the pollen drives me nuts – haha – chronic fatique from flowers – who knew!).

  2. Yes, you are heading into your Spring and we are heading into Fall. I bet you are happy about that. I know my brother is who lives in New Zealand. He doesn’t like the rain. 🙂

    1. Our winters are very nice actually – sunny most of the time (we get most of our rain in summer here in the sub-tropics) and not really that cold, but I am looking forward to the heat and some swimming. New Zealand is a different story, being further South – haha – brrrr. Thanks Renee 🙂

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