27 thoughts on “Taking a Blog Break

  1. Enjoy the break Gabrielle! I don’t know how the weather has been for you these last few days … but it feels like spring might already be here for me! 🙂

  2. It’s kind of ironic that we’re all writing comments wishing you well on your blogging break, because it assumes that you’ll still read these comments…and might even reply. So here I am doing it too. All the best with the break – in a way I hope we don’t hear from you until you’re happy and rested and relaxed!

  3. Enjoy the break, Gabrielle! I’ll just leave a question here for Spring, (as I just now realised your av has changed and so it has prompted me) what did you think of the CGI Tintin film?

    1. My gravatar changes all the time – has a mind of its own Ashley 🙂 I didn’t see the movie as I has read some bad reviews – but will see it eventually – I have all the cartoon DVD’s and like the way they are similar to the books (even the voices are how I imagine them to be) – I was put off by the voices and strange looking eyes and thought the kids might not like it. Did you watch the movie?

      1. Haha! It’s pretty good, there’s a few in-jokes for the fans and the story is action-packed, great pacing too, although it isn’t as faithful to the individual stories it draws from, as the TV series was (I agree, the voices sounded spot-on to me too!) Yeah, I like Andy Serkis but I always imagined a gruffer Haddock. So in conclusion to all my rambling, I liked it, thought it was fun

    1. blistering barnacles it is indeed (but surprisingly chilly 😉 where’s me bottle of rum) – haven’t you got an assignment you should be working on – hahaha – I do feel the need to start blogging again, just been incredibly busy – but things should return to normal very soon.

      1. Haha – I have just finished my assignment so have emerged bleary eyed and scrumpled from underneath a pile of washing and a house that looks like a bomb’s hit it (hubs been away working down in MLB so he hasn’t been here to bring up the rear, so to speak) – cheers, Gabe (rum glass clinking with champers glass) 😀

        1. It’s a great feeling when you finish an assignment! I’ll join you with the champers (don’t tell my fellow sailors but I hate rum – haha – had too much when I was young 😉 ). Here’s a joke from Tessa ‘Why are pirates pirates? Because they just RRRRRR me hearties’ – hahahaha – Oops me parrot just flew off – come back Polly 🙂

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