Andy the Great to the Rescue (Sheba goes missing) 😦

Yesterday was a shocker of a day! Stomach churning anxiety, fear, tears and constricting heart muscles were the order of the day for our family, including the dogs.

Sheba the chocolate (going grey) Labradoodle dandy dog went missing in action. This action is defined as an attempted grooming situation with Jazz and Sheba (who both suffer from generalised anxiety disorder or woosy poodle syndrome).

Both dogs were unenthused with the idea of getting their coats de-matted and clipped. Much resistance was encountered when encouraging the darlings to get in the van that would transport them to the groomers (this is part of the salon service).

I hate sending the dogs to the groomers (only happens when their coats are totally unmanageable) and my stress levels were skyrocketing way before they got picked up.

I have attempted to clip the dogs wool myself (Labradoodles have a sheep’s coat) and purchased the best of clippers and scissors for the job. However, Jazz and Sheba had different ideas when it came to close shaves and refused to participate, resulting in very strange looking Doodle hairdo’s and sore neck and back for moi. Not to mention lots of sneezing from this pack leader (who is allergic to most things on the planet).

Anyhoo, I was relieved to see the dogs on their way and was looking forward to the return of sweet smelling, short-coated greyhound type dogs. I took advantage of dogs in absentia and set to work cleaning the house and mopping the floors (something which is difficult to do with two dogs following your every move).

My husband Andy the Great (who coincidentally had the day off work) answered the phone during the morning. He was informed that Sheba had escaped. She had jumped out of the hands of the groomer in the style of Rudolf Nuriev. She’s a smart dog – she knew that clippers were close at hand and she didn’t want a bar of it!

This had happened on exiting the van that had transported the load of long haired and dirty dogs to the countrified dog salon. A salon situated on acreage with a fully dog proofed fence. The staff called out her name but this made Sheba run faster and faster.

Andy the Great immediately drove, at great speed, the 25 minute journey to the dog salon to encourage Sheba in her return. When he arrived he joined the staff in a systematic dog search, zig-zagging back and forth across the grassy fields. However, Sheba zipped about with a speed that has never been obvious to anyone before (remember this is the dog who thinks she is a cat) and slipped through the gate (yes, the gate was open – doh!), crossed a fairly busy highway, nearly got hit by a big truck (he honked his horn and she did a u-turn), and managed to get to the other side to hide amongst the scrub and bush of the adjacent National Park.

To cut a long story short, Andy the Great and one of the groomers spent the next four hours searching the bush for a brown dog who didn’t want to be found! They also didn’t have any water with them. I was following the action via mobile phone. Andy the Great told me ‘we’ll never find her in this scrub, not in a million years’ – great – heart attack material – tears on toast (or afternoon tea by this stage). I was sick with worry and Tessa was crying and Michael was very concerned. Andy the Great was ropable.

At 3.30pm the phone rang and Andy the Great informed us that he had found the dog; she was bedraggled, disoriented and thirsty. He had gone back to the salon to see if Jazz was ok and Sheba had walked back through the entrance gate (after crossing the main road again – groan!). It seems she had decided that life in the Australian bush was not to her fancy after the luxuries of the Bryden household.

Her paws were grazed and her coat dishevelled, but otherwise she was unharmed. I on the other hand am still recovering from the shock.

She is finding it hard to forgive me for sending her to the horrible groomers and keeps giving me the evil eye. It may take her a few days and many hugs and treats for her to completely forgive. It may help if I tell her that she will never have to go back to that salon in the sticks.

Andy the Great is now basking in the adoration of two kids, a wife and two dogs. I am very impressed with his dogged 😉 perseverance and courage in the face of a long bush search without water. He was quite willing to stay there until after dark to find the woolly beasty. We could have lost both of them!

When he arrived home covered in mud, with hair askew, he cracked open a cold beer and told us all about his day.

My hero!

Andy the Great

34 thoughts on “Andy the Great to the Rescue (Sheba goes missing)

  1. “dogged” hehe. Cheers, Andy the Great and the rest of the Bryden household for keeping the home fires burning. And, Sheba, consider yourself very lucky not to be in the dog box!

    1. hahaha – yes I believe I am married to him Stafford – are you implying that I have made some bad choices earlier in life – bwahahaha (and who did you hear that from and when I track them down they will be sorry …)

  2. Well did Sheba get a haircut after all that? Would love to see ‘after’ photos! I, too, had my labradoodle trimmed right back not so long ago. He gives the groomer a very hard time, too. But the groomer is more stubborn than Walle. I had hoped he’d get used to it and then I would try to do it myself, but like Sheba I don’t think Walle will ever take kindly to standing still while someone trims him. In fact, he doesn’t take kindly to standing still, period.

    1. Well that will have to wait for another story Chartreuse – I would have thought twice about getting Labradoodles if I knew how hard there coats are to look after – we have had no end of trouble, starting from pupdom. I have no solutions (except sleeping tablets 😉 ).

    1. It was horrible Tilly- I was convinced I’d never see her again and Tessa was beside herself with worry. He is a hero (thank goodness he was home – I would have got lost for sure if I had been looking for her).

  3. Whew! Glad there was a happy ending Gabrielle. I was on tender hooks reading about your stressful day. How is your heart? Getting the ‘babies’ a full doggy salon treatment might sound like a good dea (been there also) but sometimes not worth the stress when your ‘babies’ stress big time. Good on you ‘Andy The Great’.

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ‘Andy the Great is a bona fide, true blue legend.’ What a top bloke. I nearly had a heart attack myself when I heard about this because I have become fond of the Bryden dogs and would not want anything to happen to either of them. How stressful – especially in a National Park. Anything could have happened.

    Thank goodness you found the happy wanderer and that she is OK. No more wandering, Sheba, OK? The nerves of the blogging community can’t take it. I don’t know about you Gabe but I think I need a Bex and a lie down. Haha.

    So glad Sheba is safe ♥

    1. A bex and a lie down sound great – pity they banned it – haha. Shirl is a true blue legend in his own lunchtime 🙂 It was a terrible place to get lost – you have snakes, cars and trucks, cattle on the other side, thick scrub which you can’t see through (Shirl told me he was using the sound of traffic as a guide to what direction he was in – haha – and also tried to impress me by saying he was following Sheba’s tracks).

    1. It is the worst feeling Kate – she is settling in now (though she had her nose out of joint for quite a while and stopped following me around – she has now forgiven me I think – she is still tired and has grazes on her paw pads – but she will be fine).

  5. My goodness! Is there anything he can’t do! Wow, a great sigh of relief from here in the States — am so glad that the pup was found and that the children are happy again! Animals become so much members of the family! And I feel like I’m practically an American cousin.

  6. I, too, want to know if Sheba got her haircut … and if she isn’t to go back to the groomers, how is it going to happen in future? Or maybe not.

    Love the ending – better than some of your poems and stories GB, you couldn’t have made it up – Sheba just wandered back through the open gate! (If it had been me, I would have shut the gate before that!!!)


    1. Obviously the gate should have been shut d – though once she was out of the gate it was probably a good idea to leave it open. To groom or not to groom, that is the question – and one to be answered another time in another blog post …

  7. I heart stopping read, with a happy ending thankfully. Andy the Great to be sure. As indeed Shaggy Sheeba for evermore. 🙂

    1. hahaha – yes, shaggy Sheba (if I could keep the knots at bay she could keep the long coat – but not easy to do when the wool is so thick – Jazz’s coat is a looser weave and it is possible with hers to comb and brush effectively – brushing Sheba’s coat is almost impossible!)

  8. the stuff that animules will do in earnest and stubborn defiance! and the stuff that humanimules will do to keep them from harm! wish i had an andy to do the great stuff, haha! i’ve got 2 ferals now who have tremendous matts and yes i made an appt. with ‘the aussie petmobile’ yup thats what it’s called, fashioned after same in australia (as soon as i saw their name i knew they’d be good) but the critters wouldnt have it, no way, i had to cancel cuz they wouldnt let me crate them, so now it seems like the only way is to give them sedation and get the aussie mobile to come back, but i havent been able to crate them to get them to the vets for the meds. argh! i wish andy the great could beam over sigh xxx i am so glad everything turned out well!!!

    1. It’s all very difficult isn’t it tipota – we need a spray on sedation technique or maybe hypnotism – haha. You’ll have to turn the cage into something they want to get into – using treats etc., – and slowly bribe them into the cage – I watch a lot of those zoo shows and they have the same problem. It all takes a lot of time and patience and maybe your ferals are just beyond trusting humanimaules – good luck! You should blog about your cats – I love hearing about them.

      1. thats a great idea, spray-on sedation and writing about the cats. the problem is in timing. i started 3 hours before the appt. I should have started the day before haha. when it got down to 1/2 hour before the appt. i knew it wasnt gonna happen. it’s always a problem with timing when there are appts. to try to keep. there should be more mobile vets too. like in the olden days when doctors did house calls.

  9. Am so glad that story had a happy ending Gabe! My old German Shepherd disappeared once for a few hours and the ‘bottom-dropping-out’ of the sttomach feeling was just awful… Andy the Great just got greater!!!

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