The Crush

The Crush

The Crush

Sugar cane harvest
in full swing,
season of the Crush.

Syrup in a cane,
fields of candy sticks in green,
giant harvesting machines

collecting sweet payback,
bumper crop of lolly,
even sweeter now,

the bitter aftertaste
of last year’s flood
has been sugared.

Cane is stockpiled
on trains and trucks,
ready for mills.

Empty fields of mulch,
a working man’s stubble,
make a farmer smile.

These are the Sugarlands,

sturdy cane is crushed,
money flows again,
a win never tasted so good.



25 thoughts on “The Crush

  1. It IS an even sweeter crop now after the terrible floods. I like the image of the fields of candy sticks as well as the Sugarlands. That is perfect and is so what the sugar harvest is like. Love this!!

    1. Thanks Selma – they do call this area Sugarland/s – there is a Sugarland Tavern and a Sugarland shopping centre – hahaha I am happy for the farmers cause they sure cop a lot of bad things far too often.

    1. It really does look like stubble bb – the left over cuttings after the cane is gone – looks great, all warm like piles of hay. When I drive past the cane I have a great desire to cut off a stick, cut it up and chew on it (we used to do that when we were kids – the local fetes would have sugar cane sticks – haven’t times changed – haha).

      1. Yes, it does look like stubble under a microscope 🙂 like those weird x1000 shots of eyelashes, haha. I also grew up in a province where sugar cane was farmed and remember getting sugar cane to chew on during a school field trip – ah, the good old days, haha 😀

  2. recently i saw a program about how sugar cane is farmed and the products that come from it, in particular this program was focusing on Jamaica where a good part of it is used to make rum, and it made me thirsty haha, and your wonderful poem gave it another dimension. i love the sounds of ‘crush’ and ‘sugar’, they sound like sugar tastes somehow. glad that happy sugar days are back!

    1. Yes, I love the way crush sounds as well – reminds me of those sweet flavoured crushed ice things you get at fairs (slushies etc.,). – that’s why I wrote the poem, couldn’t get the words The Crush out of my head. The town of Bundaberg, which I live south of, is famous for it’s rum factory and rum (Bundaberg Rum) – some people call Bundaberg the Rum City, but it doesn’t have same groovy feel as Jamaica – haha Thanks tipota 🙂

      1. oh i dont know about that, Bundaberg Rum sounds esoterically pirate-like haha, toss me a mug of yer bundaberg rum matey, heave ho, a bellyfulla bunda a bellyfulla bunda, fulla bundaberg rrrrrummmm – i bet its gonna be really good rum this next time out too. it probably scents the air too, near the factory, just like here in hershey pennsylvania, the chocolate factory literally scents the whole town. no matter where you go it smells like chocolate air.

        1. Yes, you are right Matey! It does have a great piratey ring to it – pass me the Bundy Rrrrrruuuuuummm or I will wallop you with this here Mackeral, you lilly livered sailor 🙂 Chocolate air sounds very nice indeed – breath in!

  3. ‘A win never tasted so sweet’ you mean 😉
    I thought the bumber harvest was Newmans doing … I’m sure he promised it…

    1. haha – he promised so many things which will remain forever undone, I feel Geoffrey. Sweet would work too, but I have already used it too many times in the poem – I will have a good think about it – thanks 🙂

    1. Canefields are right up there as iconic Queensland images and used in many an Aussie song – love the canefields around Cairns, when you have the pouring tropical rain and the wind blowing through the fields – and would love if they burned off the fields like they used to do – what a sight! (some might still do that, not sure).

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