I Think I’m a Cat!

I Think I’m a Cat!

My Labradoodle Sheba is one of those dogs that thinks she’s a cat!

She might be a little confused πŸ˜‰

She makes a sound like a meow when she can’t get close enough to me (separation anxiety is her speciality).

When she sees something a bit scary in the distance she does a little quarter bark – sounds like a cross between a burp and a deflating balloon – most pathetic as far as barks go. Occasionally she does a decent full on bark that sounds like she is serious, but she will be backtracking to the house at the same time.

She likes nothing better than a nap on a comfy pile of cushions.

She loves a cuddle with other members of her pack (the Brydens).

She loves to eat fish!

She hates to exercise and refuses to play ball (something which sister Jazz is obsessed with).

She refuses to swim in the sea (whereas Jazz will swim with glee).

I’ve heard that a dog like a cat is called a Cog.

Not sure I like that name. Can you come up with a better one?


34 thoughts on “I Think I’m a Cat!

    1. I think your right Rog – from day 1 we could see she had attitude (really different personality from Jazz who is like a hyperactive puppy even now she is 6) – a no-one can mess with me attitude (but please mummy save me from the nasty big dogs when we go walkies) – haha – she is adorable!

  1. Sounds very familiar. My labradoodle Walle burps all the time – that is, makes a strange noise like a burp, but I don’t think it’s got anything to do with his stomach. And after almost nine months with me (I adoped him when he was just three years old), I’ve given up on curing his separation anxiety and learned to live with it. Very occasionally now, he feels confident enough to remain sleeping on the bed in my computer room while I go out to get a cup of tea. But if I’m longer than 5 minutes out of his sight, he’ll come to see what I’m doing. Does Sheba wait for you outside the bathroom and toilet doors? Walle does. And if he’s out on the wrap-round verandah, he’ll sit or lie nearest whichever side is closest to where I am working indoors.

    1. Yes Chartreuse, Sheba follows me to the toilet and shower and waits patiently outside – she is a walking shadow – lies on the floor when I am working on the computer in the office most of the time, unless the kids are home and then she is content to lie near them for a while. Jazz used to do that but is not like that anymore – she is much more confidant as she gets older – though neither of them like us to go out at night and are pretty used to the routine – if it changes they can get a bit sooky.

    1. hahaha – brilliant – love it! (can’t believe I didn’t think of it – doh!) – sounds like the beginnings of a jazz scat scintillation – I feel a poem coming on (do dat an deeda) – you get 5/5 for your comment dear Tilly! How Dat! πŸ˜‰

  2. I think the act of a bitch having a litter is called whelping. So you need a bitch to whelp, to give you more cogs. A lot of cogs makes a gear box where you can stow your gear! Well… I hope you didn’t expect sense!

    1. They love to be spoilt and those looks they give us ensures that they do get spoit – I never realised how much dogs stare at their owners until I got one – every time I eat I get the baleful look (poor me, I haven’t eaten for like two hours, please feed me master πŸ™‚ )

  3. She is beautiful and completely huggable. Those eyes are gorgeous. She is also a lovely colour… I would just be hugging and squeezing that cog all day long. Ruff ruff er I mean miaow er ruffmiaowruff. Haha.

    1. I do seem to spend excessive amount of time hugging my dogs πŸ˜‰ Sheba lies on her back for a tummy tickle which is irresistable – she used to be a much darker chocolate and has faded quickly – but still gorgeous πŸ™‚

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