My Labradoodle Sheba is one of those dogs that thinks she’s a cat!

She might be a little confused πŸ˜‰

She makes a sound like a meow when she can’t get close enough to me (separation anxiety is her speciality).

When she sees something a bit scary in the distance she does a little quarter bark – sounds like a cross between a burp and a deflating balloon – most pathetic as far as barks go. Occasionally she does a decent full on bark that sounds like she is serious, but she will be backtracking to the house at the same time.

She likes nothing better than a nap on a comfy pile of cushions.

She loves a cuddle with other members of her pack (the Brydens).

She loves to eat fish!

She hates to exercise and refuses to play ball (something which sister Jazz is obsessed with).

She refuses to swim in the sea (whereas Jazz will swim with glee).

I’ve heard that a dog like a cat is called a Cog.

Not sure I like that name. Can you come up with a better one?