There is a Place

There is a Place

see the faeries out there in the garden

For Aletha πŸ™‚

There is a place,

a breathing space between where the neat hedge stops
and the garden next door splays,
where the moss spreads cool and green,
where the stars wink with aged beams,
where the spruce hare relaxes and dreams,
warming her fur in the yellowberry rays.

Let us go from this place where the shrill wind screams
down blackened roads and acrid dead ends,
clear of the coal mines and gravestone heads,
walk steadily forward, ignoring the dread,
and the clothes that are sullied and shred,
in search of that space between garden and hedge.

But the way is blurred and the path overgrown
and the memory of clear weather has strayed,
with time the burnished metal has dulled,
with time the mind needs to be oiled,
with time all the sparks have been culled,
so let’s search for the children to show us the way.


Note: This poem has been reposted. It was inspired by Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends.

19 thoughts on “There is a Place

  1. twould be good to believe in faeries, to hold out the possibility that there are things we might not see but might be there. i spose thats why tis also a fine thing to remember the magic as it was when we were children, for their sakes as well as ours.
    precious photo and wonderful poem!

    1. Thanks tipota πŸ™‚ When I was a kid I used to (still do in a way) love those huge trees like in Enid Blyton books – and I was forever imagining what happened at night when I was asleep and the little people came out to play πŸ˜‰

  2. I just love Shel Silverstein Gabe. I always have, but since having Thomas, I am even more in love with his work and your poem… well the smile factor is off the chart!

  3. This is one of my absolute favourites of yours, Gabe. It has such a magical quality that encourages the reader to slow and look, really look, for the hidden beauty in the world around us. Tessa looks so tiny and sweet in that photo.

    1. She is so little – haha – now she is growing so fast and tall we can’t keep up (she’s in the 99 percentile for height which could mean that basketball is a viable career option – hahaha – one of my cousins is 6foot 8inches so Tessa could be pretty tall when she is an adult). Thanks bluebee πŸ™‚

  4. What an incredible surprise — what an amazing delight! Thank you, Gabe, for thinking of me in regard to this magical poem of the journey back to childhood along careful paths of memory. And the picture of your kids — too sweet for words! More thanks still for telling me that we have fairies in even our American garden — the rabbits see them, why did it take me so long!

    1. You’re welcome Aletha – it’s the blogging barter system – poetry for art, photos for art, art for poetry etc., hahahaha – all fun and heart filling stuff – thanks for seeing the sweeter side of me (sometimes I forget she’s there) πŸ™‚

  5. Awww. That’s beautiful. I love the photo of the kids standing on their tippy toes to look over. How cute. I have always thought kids are wise beyond their years. And yes, they CAN show us the way1!!

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