My blogging mate and artist Aletha Kuschan from Washington DC, USA  has done a series of notebook portraits (in blue ball point pen) of me in my yoof!

This one above is the most like me (though I wouldn’t grumble if I looked like the others – haha).

Pop over to Aletha’s art blog here, here and here for the series.

She took the inspiration from one of my blog posts where I am wearing the classic eighties t-shirt Relax (think Wham) and where I have written a poem ‘insert cliche title‘ about friendship in the good old days.

Here is the photo:

A younger cynical, sardonic and sometimes sad me!

Aletha – thanks for thinking of me when we’ve been sick – and I very much appreciate such a talented artist as yourself drawing my picture.

Big hugs and kisses from Australia 🙂


29 thoughts on “My Portrait by Washington DC Artist Aletha Kuschan

  1. Striking! In fact, get on the wrong side of her and it seems one might well be struck! In your yoof you don’t look like someone who would suffer fools gladly.

  2. I like the way Aletha has painted your eyes looking away (unlike in the photo) and your expression as more serious, as if this portrait is most certainly that person in the photo, but later in life as moulded by experience in life.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean bb – the funny thing is when I look at the photo I can see myself looking to the right slightly (that’s my ‘oh God don’t take my photo’ look) – Aletha is very observant.

    1. Iconic! Yes – not that we thought so at the time – I used to wear the most eighties looking black with white flecks thoughout pants/trousers with the shirt and a belt – hahaha – didn’t realise I looked a bit like a clown – but then so did everyone else – hahahaha – what a decade of bad clothes and hair! thanks Kate 🙂

  3. I will have to take your word for sardonic … I think I saw the gentle side of that girl who later found fairies right in her own garden! And then told me we have them here, too! Right here in the good ol’ USA! Who knew! And now, of course, I converse with the fairies out there in the garden … among the vegetables. And I get the nicest smiles from the neighbors ….

    1. Yes, who would have thought the ball point pen could deliver 😉 thanks tipota – hope the sun is shining in Cape Cod 🙂 and tipotaland – give those kitties a cuddle for me!

  4. WOW. What a fantabulous portrait. Aletha is amazing. What a talent. I love the RELAX T-shirt. I used to have one of those too. Makes me laugh to think about it. You look so like Drew Barrymore in that photo it is uncanny. I love this!

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