My blogging mate and artist Aletha Kuschan from Washington DC, USA  has done a series of notebook portraits (in blue ball point pen) of me in my yoof!

This one above is the most like me (though I wouldn’t grumble if I looked like the others – haha).

Pop over to Aletha’s art blog here, here and here for the series.

She took the inspiration from one of my blog posts where I am wearing the classic eighties t-shirt Relax (think Wham) and where I have written a poem ‘insert cliche title‘ about friendship in the good old days.

Here is the photo:

A younger cynical, sardonic and sometimes sad me!

Aletha – thanks for thinking of me when we’ve been sick – and I very much appreciate such a talented artist as yourself drawing my picture.

Big hugs and kisses from Australia 🙂