The Darryl Lea family owned chocolate shop chain (85 years old) has gone into voluntary administration. Here is a repost of a poem I wrote about my first impressions of Darryl Lea’s Chocolate Box at Indooroopilly Shoppingtown.


The Chocolate Box

I opened the heavy door, bell ringing, to Darryl Lea’s
Chocolate Box
with my young son following in my footsteps,
just as I followed in my mum’s footsteps
at the age of five,

a store he’s never seen before
on his first spree into the CBD of Brisbane,
giant buildings among drawcards when you live
in a coastal village
with a 2 storey limit,

the condensed aroma
of chocolate and liquorice
and all sorts
of other delights
envelops me
like my children’s hugs when hurt,

the angora blanket wraps me warm
and transports me to that day
when Mum surprised me
ok, we can go in just this once
heart beating, I am Charlie
in the chocolate factory

swirling lollipops too big for my eyes
toffees, caramel brittle
chewy nougat, rocky road
ribbons of twisted liquorice
little pillows of boiled sweets
with even sweeter colours
shimmering in little glass jars
with blue lids,

a carousel of sights and smells
making my senses spin
you can pick one thing
the edge of her mouth smiled
as my little hand
grabbed a tooth shaped
plastic container filled with
some sweets, I now forget,
but I’ll never forget that giant tooth

and that day at Darryl Lea’s Chocolate Box.