16 thoughts on “The 3 Tenors – Dicitencello Vuie

  1. I will soon stop posting youtube clips (you don’t have to watch them) – the girl and I are still a bit sick. Our neighbour has been hospitalised with flu! Our other neighbour just got out of hospital with pnuemonia. Another neighbour has a skin eating bacteria – eek! It’s all happening around here. Plus there are no doctors (no doubt sick) – we only ever have doctors for about 25 hours per week – very slack! The nearest doctor is an hours drive away this week. So garlic it is! (not a vampire in sight in this here town 😉 ).

  2. Gosh, I hope everyone will be well soon. The music is wonderful, but I am really missing the poetry! Eat lots of chicken soup! And garlic too!

    1. It is terrible and apparently impossible to cure entirely – he got it from the tropics, but also has some fibromyalgia and chronic pains in the legs which could be contributing. He can’t sleep much because of the pain – horrifying is the word.

  3. This is brilliant. My father-in-law and his brother both love opera and have heated debates about who is the better tenor – Pavarotti or Andrea Bocelli. They go on about it for hours. I personally think no one does Nessun Dorma like the Pav but don’t tell Uncle Barry I said that!

    1. I won’t tell Uncle Barry (ssshh) Pavarotti is such a character as well as the magnificent voice. The older I get the more I love opera – the music (I haven’t actually been to an opera – though if I lived in Sydney I would go in a shot) – my Mum loved opera so it must have rubbed off on me. My dream would be to see an opera out in the open in a place like some old ruins in Italy or Greece.

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