4 thoughts on “Eric Bogle – The Band Played Walzing Matilda

    1. It is incredibly sad Charles and the song tells such a moving story because of all the little details (which make up an individual’s life) that the writer includes. What makes it even more poignant to me is that these young men often joined the forces to have an adventure and the ones that went to Gallipoli (for most it was there first real taste of fighting) were killed on the first day – those boys didn’t have a clue what war was really about.

  1. Now we’re really getting into it re. the war songs, Gabe. I sang this at a school assembly when I was in Year 10. Everyone in the crowd cried. It is an incredibly moving song to hear but also to perform. I was quite emotional afterwards. It was the first time I really understood what war did to people – the sadness of it. This song means a lot to me. Thanks for posting it!

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