14 thoughts on “David Gray ‘Sail Away’

    1. Some strange holiday these 2 weeks are being Selma – I’m eating heaps of garlic to stave it off (though have a little sore throat myself today) – the vampires are nowhere in sight 😉

  1. Share and share alike is the trend in our house … sometimes I think we simply pass the same virus amongst ourselves, refining it and and making it stronger before we unleash it at work or school or playgroup … hope things look up … they do in the end 🙂

    1. Thanks Jane – turning into the holiday from hell and Tessa and I are still sick (Michael is better but suffering from boredom overdose) – Shirl is coughing a lot and tired but says he is not sick and still working – argh – spreading his non-existant germs to everyone in town.

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