Great footage of Bob Dylan throughout his career πŸ˜‰

Holiday’s continue – the boy has been sick for the whole first week and it rained as well! But now the sun is shining and he is starting to feel a bit better.

c’est la vie

The good news is the carbon tax was introduced on the 1st of July (even though the Rabbit man promises to repeal it, along with all the tax cuts and cash compensation that will go to low and middle income families).

Now the big polluters have to pay $23 for every tonne of carbon pollution they emit. If that ain’t fair I don’t know what is. If we do nothing about climate change than we all pay (and the poorest most vulnerable people will pay the most, along with all the now threatened species).


20 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Thunder on the Mountain

    1. Thanks Stafford πŸ™‚ Australia has the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of renewables (esp., given our access to sun etc.,) and lead the way – but people don’t like change (or don’t believe it is necessary because they have been reading the propaganda funded by the fossill fuel industries) and don’t think we should be leaders if the bigger countries don’t move – even though a lot of them are actually moving in that direction.

  1. I’m sick of the damage the big polluters are doing. Really sick of it in a kind of give me an M-60 and I’ll blow them all away sense. And I am a pacifist to the max. But enough is enough. If Tony Abbott thinks repealing the tax makes any kind of sense and won’t cost us all a fortune, then he is more of a wuckfit than I originally thought. What a complete dropkick. There are no words that suffice, really…. Let’s hope the carbon tax makes some kind of difference. I love you and Stafford… keep my sense of hope going. xxxx

    1. There is some hope – I just read that some in the business community are signing an open letter for the newspapers (which if Gina had her way wouldn’t be published at all) telling Abbott to keep the tax as they need policy stability and that a price on carbon is inevitable – yayayayay! Looking in my crystal ball I see a future leadership challenge in the ranks of the LNP as someone corners himself, inextricably, inevitably, controversially and pathetically – please let it be true! At least Malcom believes in climate change πŸ˜‰

      1. If that doesn’t work Selma I might be able to get my hands on a M-60 for the fighting cause – haha πŸ˜‰ and I’m working on a few spells and magic potions (with some hypnosis thrown in for good measure).

        1. We need the policy stability. It just make us look like a bunch of incompetents if we’re constantly backtracking. I think you’re right – I think Tony is digging his own grave (probably about 4 feet down now.) Malcolm may not be perfect but he is sensible about things pertaining to the environment. I could cope with him as a potential PM quite well.

          Loving the idea of a potion. Old Abbott would look good as a cane toad.

    1. It has been happening anyway, but it is about mitigating the rise in temperature rather than stopping it altogether. We need all countries to pull together which at this point in time seems to be a not happening thing 😦

  2. Here’s hoping the sun continues and the boy gets back to 100% … nothing worse than being sick on holidays.

    And yes, happy to see that finally Australia is taking some action in regards to climate change / carbon management … let’s hope mr. rabbit doesn’t make it in at the next election … because then where will we be?

    1. It’s still sunny though a bit chilly (as you would know – I hear it is colder in Brisbane this morning Tracey πŸ˜‰ ). We still have a way to go till the next election and anything can happen – fingers crossed!

  3. Gabe, I’m right with you on the issue of climate change, but seeing that everyone has already commented, I will throw my words toward Bob… what a song, what a clip, what a man… so few musicians produce great work for 10 years… to be incredible for 50 is something we may never see again. Long live Bob!

  4. Only by removing the ridiculous subsidies for fossil fuels will we begin to truly value the electricity and petroleum we use. Not only value but allow alternative energies to begin competing properly … right now coal and oil are simply too easy and we’re notoriously lazy … or somesuch!

  5. On Bob, I say nuffink (haha). On the carbon tax, my cynical self says, let’s see if it does indeed go to renewable energy projects – I don’t trust the pollies with all their bull$h!t. Let’s hope they put our money where all their hot air emanates from – that should cool the planet down somewhat. Ok, I shut up now before you biff me

    1. hahaha – go the biff bb! πŸ˜‰ I don’t trust the pollies either but the good thing about a price on carbon is that the market makes the shift to renewables rather than the Government primarily paying for the shift – and as money talks, this is what they will do in time we hope. On Bob – my sister, hubby and little girl hate the Bobster so I am not offended by the divide on this issue – it is everywhere and I am used to it (though find it a complete mystery – haha)

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